Welcome to Mrs. Peters' Grade 3 Enhanced Math and Grades 4 and 5 PACE Math Classroom!

Here is where you will find information about what we are doing in each class, the homework assignment list for the week, as well as links to games,  videos, and a portaportal of interactive math websites that we will use this year. 


Have a great summer everyone!  
See you in August!

Grade 3 Enhanced Math:
Welcome to our new 3rd grade math program!  This new math class will use the grade 3 enVisions math program as well as additional enrichment opportunities.  Be ready to master the basics of multiplication and division, and explore some fun problem solving activities.  Stay tuned for more information!

Grade 4 PACE:
Welcome to grade 4 PACE math.  This year we will be using both the 4th and 5th grade enVisions math books so get ready to learn a lot and have some fun! Please practice your multiplication facts through the 12's over the summer.   I can't emphasize enough the importance of this.  You can use flashcards or try an online program to practice, or have your family members quiz you whenever they think of it.  I will be quizzing you the first week of school. 

Grade 5 PACE:
Welcome back students!  We will be using the grade 6 text book from the Big Ideas series.  Now that you have built all of the foundational skills in grade 4 PACE, get ready to learn some brand new skills this year such as ratios, rates, algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities, integers, surface area and volume, and statistical measures.  We will work hard and have fun with some new activities!
To access Big Ideas online, go to:
   -Then click Log in with Clever
   -You may have to enter your school name
   -Use your Google email and password that you use in Technology class at school
   -Click on the Assignment tab to do your
homework online! 
   -Don't forget to click Submit when you are done.

~Mrs. Peters

Be sure to check the links for Grade 3 Enhanced Math,
Grade 4 PACE and Grade 5 PACE  to check the homework assignments.

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Grade 4 PACE
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