Welcome to Mrs. Peters' Grade 3 Enhanced Math and Grades 4 and 5 PACE Math Classroom!

Here is where you will find information about what we are doing in each class, the homework assignment list for the week, as well as links to games,  videos, and a portaportal of interactive math websites that we will use this year. 

We are winding down the School Year!

Grade 3 Enhanced Math:
    We have taken the End of the Year test, and will be doing some review games for the remainder of the year.  Classes will be interrupted by field day and assemblies, etc.
Grade 4 PACE:
    This week we will finish taking the Envisions Math End of Year test and finish up the year with some geometry activities.

Grade 5 PACE:

   This week we will continue in Chapter 10 on Data Displays.

  Homework assigned from the book can be done on paper, or students have the option of completing the problems online.  See below for instructions.  Students have been given their login information.  If homework is done online, students are still responsible for bringing in the next day any work that shows any calculations done on paper.  I will also be giving Math 4 Today problems for homework on Monday to be due Friday when there will be a quiz. 
To access Big Ideas online, go to:
   -Then click Log in with Clever
   -You may have to enter your school name.
   -Click Log in with Google
   -Use your Google email and password that you use in Technology class at school
   -Click on the Assignment tab to do your
homework online! 
   -Don't forget to click Submit when you are done.

~Mrs. Peters

Be sure to check the links for Grade 3 Enhanced Math,
Grade 4 PACE and Grade 5 PACE  to check the homework assignments.

Please email me at dpeters@sau10.org

Grade 4 PACE
Grade 5 PACE


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