Short Airfield for Tactical Support - Expeditionary Airfield

2009-10 Officers

Frank Goodwin-Pres

Greg Cooper-V. Pres

Alvin Wilder - Treasurer

Stan Gluza Secretary

Plan on SanAntonio for 2010 Fall Reunion... 7,8 & 9 October

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2010 NewsLetter, Member App and More in the  Annual Report from Stan

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Association is made up of former, retired, and active duty Marines with Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) 7002 (Officers) and 7011 (Enlisted). As described in the brief history, our membership reflects the more than fifty year history and tradition of the SATS/EAF family. Our members have served (and are currently serving) in every deployment of the United States Marine Corps' Air Wings throughout the world. Our purpose is to promote the common good and general welfare of all 7002 and 7011 Marines.

ChuLai, VN SATS Field as seen from the Tower

Those of us who have had the privilege of serving in the Marine Corps value our experience as among the most precious of our lives. The fellowship of shared hardships and dangers in a worthy cause creates a close bond of comradeship. It is the basic reason for the cohesiveness of Marines and for the pride we  have in our Corps and loyalty to each other.

ChuLai Launch/Recovery Crew c. summer 1966

Membership in the SATS/EAF Association is available on an annual or life membership basis. We hold yearly reunions, in August or September. Each year we meet in a major city, on either the east coast in an odd numbered year, or the west coast in an even numbered year. Currently there are more than 280 listed 7002's and 7011's in our SATS/EAF Association Directory, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses where available. If you served in the United States Marine Corps, and were or are a 7002 or 7011, you will no doubt find someone in our Directory who you knew or know. Our Directory includes many 7002's and 7011's who served in Vietnam. Are you looking for someone? They may very well be in our Directory.

Our organization began with a handful of 7002's and 7011's who began to get together each year to continue the friendships created during their military service. The original group grew over the initial years, and the SATS/EAF Association was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization. We continue to grow as we search for and located 7002's and 7011's. We encourage every 7002 and 7011 to contact us for more information. We have included on this website an application for membership. Membership will bring you many rewards, the least of which is the brotherhood of those you served with. Our annual dues are just $20.00, and will ensure that you are kept informed of our activities and developments through our newsletters and mailings throughout each year. We look forward to hearing from all 7002's and 7011's. Please contact us so we might reunite you with former friends, and join us in our annual gathering to share our friendship, history, and heritage.