Cliff Speer and Map and Compass Mysteries

Map & Compass Mysteries Revealed with CanoeSki Discovery Co.

Join Cliff Speer from to learn about wilderness navigation using low tech tools of map & compass! We’ll run through some of the basics of using an orienteering style compass and reading a topographical map, as time permits. If you have an orienteering compass (base plate with movable dial) bring it along to use in the session. If you don’t have a compass, you’ll learn something about what you should purchase. 

Cliff Speer
Cliff Speer, a former high school teacher, has been teaching wilderness navigational skills to clients of his adventure training and tour company, CanoeSki Discovery Co. since 1990. After teaching compass and map reading skills informally for 14 years on northern canoe trips, in 2004 Cliff formalized this into a full day course combining classroom and outdoor orienteering exercises. Details on the CanoeSki annual spring navigation course can be found here.


Bryan Sarauer,
Mar 29, 2015, 11:34 AM