Nancy Perry, Boreal Forest Guides

Last spring Shawn and Nancy started an exciting new company called Boreal Forest Guides. Nancy is will be a the symposium to share some of her experiences in the wilderness and hopefully encourage you to enjoy the back country. The goal of their company is to help people feel safe in this beautiful wilderness.  Nancy has spent her career working in the outdoors with jobs ranging from guiding for Ric, fighting forest fires, commercial fishing in the Yukon, and Park Program Coordinator for Provincial Parks. She has a passion for the outdoors and has been teaching leadership, swimming, and guiding since she was 16. As a heritage interpreter she has conducted over 1000 hours of educational programming. Nancy has volunteered as a structural Firefighter and Ambulance Driver, is a lifeguard, and is no stranger to Survival Situations and Wilderness First Aid. On April 25th she will be talking about animal behaviours she and her friends have personally encountered.

Boreal Forest Guides