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Officials Development

Sask Sport Officials' Development 
Sask Sport has gathered all of their resources pertaining to officials and officiating in one place - check it out!

'P' Level Certification

The SFA has recently developed a program to certify officials at 'P' Level. Interested persons should contact Doug Brecht, (306) 329-4404.

Candidates will be partnered with an 'N' Level official. The 'N' level official will provide instruction on the rules of fencing and the candidate will train under the 'N' official at three provincial tournaments. During the training period, the 'N' official will impart knowledge, advice, and feedback to the candidate.

Following the training period, an 'N' official will conduct a practical evaluation of the candidate at a fourth provincial tournament and will administer a comprehensive rules exam.

The 'N' official will then make a recommendation to the Technical Committee as to whether or not the candidate should be awarded 'P' Level Certification. In the event that a candidate is unsuccessful, the evaluation will be repeated with a different 'N' examiner. Should the candidate be unsuccessful in the second evaluation, the candidate will be advised to continue training with an 'N' official.

Officials Funding

To promote officiating at local competitions, officials will be paid for officiating according to the following scale:
Trainee $10/day + lunch
'S' Level $20/day + lunch
'P' Level $40/day + lunch
'N' Level $75/day + lunch
(Note that trainees, 'S' level officials, and 'P' level officials must officiate for the entire day to qualify for payment.)

'P' or 'N' level officials who wish to receive funding to travel to officiate at out-of-province tournaments should contact Doug Brecht.

To qualify for travel funding, 'P' or 'N' level officials must officiate at four local (in-province) tournaments.