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Athlete Development

National Team Booklets (link to CFF website)

The SFA offers Provincial Team and Athlete Assistance programs for its athletes.

How to Qualify for the Provincial Team 

The SFA Technical Committee approves the selection of athletes for the Team and approves the selection of some of these athletes to receive Athlete Assistance funding.

Selection to the Team is based on national ranking and other criteria that may be determined by the Technical Committee. Athletes who are achieving outstanding results will be recommended for athlete assistance funding.

Benefits to the selected athletes are the squad training program, the squad training camps, and, for some of the athletes, partial funding for travel to competitions.

Successful applicants are expected to follow the training program, training seriously in their clubs on at least two nights per week. The competition program may involve extensive out-of-province travel, and elite events require FIE clothing and FIE blades. Since ground expenses and personal equipment costs are the fencers' responsibilities, they must have the financial resources necessary to follow the competition program.