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About Us

The Saskatchewan Boreal Forest Learning Centre (BFLC) is a non-profit organization that works primarily with school children, both in classrooms and in the forest. Our objectives are to provide opportunities that encourage deeper awareness and love of the boreal forest, leading to an increased sense of respect, responsibility and inter-connectedness with the land, the creatures and the people who live there. Our work with First Nations Elders, Traditional Land Users, and Educators helps to broaden this perspective of inter-connectedness. 

The BFLC works closely with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). This very well received forest education project involves making presentations on the Saskatchewan Boreal Forest to schools and communities. Those who take part in our programs gain a stronger appreciation of parks and protected areas, as well as an increased understanding of appropriate forest land use and the impacts we have on the forest as we work and play there. We are also working on developing curriculum materials for Saskatchewan schools that address all these objectives. 

Our on-site programs and current projects include:

  • Workshops focusing on such areas as forestland stewardship and management;
  • Guided tours into the forest around our site (which includes Prince Albert National Park, provincial forest, and private land);
  • Bison Project (working with the Prince Albert National Park & The Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards);
  • Plant identification and use;
  • Land use mapping and planning;
  • Deepening our connection with the land by exploring the forest through music, art, and movement;
  • Developing walking, skiing and bicycle trails;
  • CD & DVD Production (working with our 1500 plus images of the boreal forest).
  • Land Stewardship Project (includes developing "Green Policies" for site land use.)

Because our land base is privately owned, we are able to involve our students in land stewardship planning with hands-on components. We are in the process of developing a Monitoring Project involving local people as well as students and festival-goers. 

Trappers, outfitters, and fishermen are often the best forest managers as they depend on a long-term healthy forest ecosystem. We are involving them in our outdoor interpretative programs. Imagine the learning involved in spending five or six days on the trapline with the trapper. 

We have had a great deal of input and support from individuals and groups in the province including: The Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards, Prince Albert National Park, The Prairie Learning Centre, Ness Core, Ness Creek, Saskatchewan Outdoor Environmental Educators Association, Sask EcoNetwork, Rainforest Action Network, The Saskatchewan Trappers Association, The Saskatchewan Trails Association, The Brightwater Science and Environmental Centre, Fonos Fish Co. of Doré Lake, and, of course, Nature Saskatchewan and Canadian Parks And Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

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