February 2018

 February is a great month ! We've enjoyed a great Catholic School week. The children are excited about decorating our room for Valentine's Day. We made hearts and the children wrote their own Valentine story.  The children in grammar are learning about adjectives, nouns, verbs and punctuation marks.  We have reviewed subjects and predicates in sentences  and are now working with contractions.  In reading we are reading level 3 stories and practicing reading fluently Our story comes up on the smart board and the children need to follow along as the words get highlighted.  It's so much fun.  In math the children are adding and subtracting two digit numbers and solving word problems. We will be working on counting money and telling time.  The childen are learning how sound travels to our ears and that their are low pitch and high pitch sounds.  I would like the children to create a home made musical instrument.  Be creative.  Make them colorful and we'll use them when we sing our religion songs each day. Please bring them to class as soon as they are done.  Our neighborhoods that the children have created are almost finished.  They will make a bar graph that tells all they've included in their neighborhoods and write a summary of what they have done an what they liked best about doing this project.  Happy Valentine's Day to all ! Please contribute to our Red Olympic Team's food drive We are paired with grade six. We need to add points for our team. Each can or food item you bring in will give us more points. Thanks, Ms. Rienzi

February 26-MARCH 2, 2018
 This week we have been very busy getting ready for Iowa testing next week.  The children were given a practice test so that when they begin their test next week March 5-9, 2018 they will be ready to color in the circles carefully and have learned that following directions is very important when taking this test.  
 Your  child will need two sharpened Laddie number 2 pencil for this test with a good eraser that erases well.  Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and a great breakfast so that they will do well on this test.   
 This week we started a math stem project. We are using play-Doh and straws to create a design sculpture. which include vertices, edges and sides The children will graph these characteristic and they will be displayed for all to see. Look on our website ! Please send in play-doh and straws for your child's project.  Thank you, Ms. Rienzi