Pre-K 4 News

                                                  Welcome to St. Andrew's Pre-K
                                      June 20, 2018  
                       I can't believe this is our last newsletter!
It seems like it was just September and the little 3 and 4 year olds were walking in...or being carried! Now they are ready to go off to Kindergarten!
     We hope the children enjoyed all our fun days last week. We were awesome Pirates. We followed our Treasure Map and in the treasure chest we found pirate hats, "hooks" eye patches and Gold Slime filled with gold coins! We made pirates and counted the gems in our treasure chest. The kids loved our BBQ! it was a fun time for Ms. R and I to play with the class. Hot dogs were the big hit as were the veggie sticks. Then we had Dinosaur Day. We acted like dinos, read all about dinos, and even made our own from playdoh. We will send them home before Wednesday.  Monday is  a schoolwide Carnival Day. Everyone will have hot dogs for lunch. If your child doesn't
  eat them, please send a lunch.
       Our Closing Show and Celebration is Wednesday, June 20th at 9:30 AM in the cafeteria. The children must arrive at regular time. Please don't be late! Bring your food item for the celebration when you drop off your child. Your child should be dressed in nice clothes....NO UNIFORMS! They don't need to bring their backpacks...only a big smile and their best voices. Yellow Cafeteria doors will open at 9:20 AM for families to enter. All are welcome. After the show we will have a celebration with all the goodies you are bringing. This is your child's last day of Pre-K. Please take EVERYTHING that has your child's name on it...decorations, Memory Books and all the gifts they will get from the class and teachers. There will also be pictures on the table. Please feel free to any and as many as you would like. Our Celebration must be cleaned up by 11:30 so we can prepare for Lunch for Grades K thru 7 but may leave when you need to. Please be sure to see me before you leave with your child so I can give them (and you) a big hug. I promise to try not to cry but I don't know how successful I'll be!

    Any questions or concerns...please e-mail me at
                  And for the LAST TIME I will say...and really mean it.....

                                  Thank You for Sharing Your Children with us!
                                                      Mrs. Barbara Buttray