3rd Grade Spanish

Welcome to Third Grade Spanish! This year, Sr. Edwards will be teaching Ms. Wright's class, and Sra. Meador will be teaching Ms. Hutcheson's and Ms. Bowen's classes. We are so excited to be teaching third grade Spanish this year.

We would like to use this opportunity to tell you our expectations for third grade Spanish students, as well as inform you about the online resources that are available for our third grade Spanish students.


In third grade Spanish we are focusing on a communicative approach to language learning. We are focusing on communication in Spanish through songs, interactive activities, and games. Our goal is for Spanish to be engaging and meaningful to students.

We strongly encourage students to use online resources provided by the Spanish department to reinforce conversational Spanish that is taught in class. Below you will find helpful online resources for studying at home. From time to time, we will assign homework activities that involve experiential learning at home.

Important Dates:

Oral Quiz: Thursday, and Friday, May 7th and 8th. See questions at the bottom of the page.

Song Quiz: Thursday and Friday, May 14th and 15th for all third grade classes. See lyrics and youtube link below. Third graders will choose between singing part of "Zapata se queda" and part of "No voy a levantarme."

Learning Opportunity: Due Monday, May 18th for all third grade classes. Two points extra credit if turned in before Friday, May 8th. One point extra credit if turned in by Friday, May 15th. Details are posted at the bottom of this page!


Quizlet is a wonderful resource for studying vocabulary words and grammar. We have uploaded some pictures that coincide with vocabulary words. For example, two students waving goodbye to each other is used for “hasta luego.”

Please use this link to create a Quizlet account and join our third grade class:

3rd Grade Quizlet

If you already have a Quizlet account, log in to access the third grade group. If you need to create an account, please do so. Quizlet may try to prompt you to buy a paid subscription, but this is not necessary. Choose the free account option. Once you have created a Quizlet account, please email your username and your password to your Spanish teacher. It is very important that we have this information so that we can help the students sign in to their accounts when we use computers in Spanish class.


Each 6-weeks grading period we use one song from a textbook and one pop song for the students to learn. Students may choose to memorize either the textbook song or part of the pop song for their song quiz. The lyrics to both songs can be found at the bottom of this page. Songs are a wonderful opportunity for learning vocabulary and exploring new cultures.

Here is a link to many of the songs we have been singing this year, including our current pop song, Zapata se queda, by Lila Downs: 3rd Grade SongsHere you will also find videos of our 3rd graders singing.

Spanish teachers are available if a student needs additional help.

The Lower School Spanish Department is available after school to answer any questions you may have, or to help students if they need some additional help on a topic we have covered. Here is our availability:

Señora Meador: Tuesdays from 3:30-4:15 in room 17 in the 5th grade wing.

Señora Flores: Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30 in room 53 in the 6th grade wing.

Señor Edwards: Thursdays from 3:30-4:15 in room 56 in the 6th grade wing.  (Sometimes Sr. Edwards is down the hall in the 6th grade copy room if there is a Girl Scout meeting in room 56.)

We welcome any feedback throughout the year about your child’s experience in Spanish!

Señora Emily Meador and Señor Kelly Edwards

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