Choreographic Competition

Annual event where the pupils are encouraged to arrange their own dances, alone or with others. Own choice of music and costumes gives the pupils an opportunity to gain confidence in their own ability. The event is held in a theatre environment.


Afternoon of Dance

An annual showcase event that takes place in a theatre environment .A chance for parents and friends to see the development of dance through the school. All pupils take part in the event; senior girls also contribute to the running of the day which adds to their experience and knowledge of the theatre environment.

Chesham Arts Festival

The local Arts festival takes place each year at the Elgiva Theatre in Chesham. Pupils who are on student fees are given the opportunity to take part in the troupes that are entered into the competition. Solos and duets are also entered.

Each year the school is successful in groups, duets and solos. The School holds the junior ballet group and senior ballet group and has done for over 11 years consecutively. In 2012 the pupils were also successful in duets, quartets and solo dances. In 2013 pupils were first place in each solo ballet section and Eleanor Shaw received the most promising entrant cup.

Chesham Carnival

In association with the annual pantomime at the local Theatre, pupils are given a chance to parade with the cast.

School Fete Displays, Workshops, ...

School Fete Displays, Workshops, and Open classes with invited teachers from dance collages and companies are all part of the opportunities in the school. Also work experience for older girls is available.