A few words from Miss Yvonne

My thoughts:-
The pleasure I get from watching that little 3 year old grow up into a confident, well poised teenager who can go out into the world with confidence and be proud of their achievements in life.
 I really believe, and this has been true for me, that When you have dance in your life you can overcome anything. 
 “Just leave it at the door”… 
Whatever life throws at you- the good the bad and ugly, if you have Dance, and the enjoyment of theatre… no one can take that from you.
I have always believed any child, no matter what the age or ability, can achieve and take something from their training;
 Self-motivation, time management, friendships, sharing, fun and turning a dream into reality. A place that you can be yourself and belong.

In a world where we hear the word ‘pressure… stress’  and we see a constant change of education - you will see a child that dances, achieve it all and triumph. 
Their confidence in themselves and their own abilities will grow, they increase memory, they learn to be part of a team and most importantly they learn about the competitive world which they will enter as young adults.

A bit of History!

Originally opened as the ‘Sargent School of Dancing’, in  1945. The school was run by the Sargent family with Miss Yvette, Miss Daphne and Miss Wendy; the latter being twins.

When I first attended the school in 1971 the school had just moved to the Berkhamsted Road, Chesham where the health centre now stands. The school boasted barres, a small dressing room and an outside toilet! During the mid-70s Miss Mavis Butler joined Miss Yvette to run the prestigious Sargent and Butler school of dancing. Miss Butler lived in Portsmouth and commuted weekly bringing to the school a wealth of tap and modern dance. This then gave me and many other pupils a very strong training in Ballet, Modern, Tap and National and also an inside toilet!

Miss Butler decided to retire from the school in the early 80’s and spend more time back in Portsmouth.  Miss Yvette’s niece had no wish to teach, her nephew Guy Niblett was already dancing with the Royal Ballet… so it just left me to help with the school. By 1985 and now qualified in four branches of dance,
I had shown enough care and strength to be handed the school to continue running it on the same guidelines -The school became the Sargent and Plester school. I always kept the name in respect for Yvette Sargent, who with Miss Butler gave me the best training I could have wanted.

“There is always more to teaching than reading a book.”

Several years ago I moved the school to Newtown school having lost the old premises and then with Samantha Vale by my side (as an ex-pupil) looking to have more space and to start street dance, I secured our move to the White Hill where we are today.

With strong and loyal staff I hope to continue the school onwards and upwards. Miss Mavis Butler has sadly died but I am sure looks down on us checking the tap and modern dance. Miss Yvette Sargent who is nearly 90 still lives on. Many of your parents and grandparents may have attended the school and remember her training! Not what would happen today!

The school continues to provide the pupils with all the tools of the trade.