" I really believe, and this has been true for me,
that when you have dance in your life you can overcome anything "
Miss Yvonne Plester. Principle and Owner.  

Welcome to the website of the longest established Dance school in Chesham. 
All classes are based at the White Hill Centre with excellent facilities and free parking.

Enjoyment, Professionalism, Discipline

All of these are continually practiced at the school which was founded by the Sargent family over seventy years ago at the end of the second world War. The School has been owned by Miss Yvonne Plester since 1985.

The school is highly recognised in Buckinghamshire  due to its reputation for outstanding work and excellent exam results, boasting a 100% pass Rate.

The School provides a strong groundwork for those who wish to pursue a career in the Dance world, if this is the case it is vital you are able to access the correct training in order for you to fulfil your dreams.

 We are also here for those who want an introduction to dance and for those who just want to enjoy it!

The classes continue to give hours of pleasure to many pupils in the area and a passion for Dance is at the heart of the principles ethos.

After all, when you Dance you can enjoy the luxury of being you. 

 Whatever the genre studied, the basis of dance is always Ballet. Ballet enables core strength to be developed- giving you a strong foundation for your dancing.

All children are trained to a high standard taking with them deportment, self discipline and confidence into whatever future career path they chose.

“Dance is for fun”. Dance helps children and teenagers bring out the best in themselves. It is a good way of forming new friendships.