Bark Park

We have opened up our dog park!!!

Pop into the Sards Bark Park with your furry loved one(s), have a cuppa coffee at the K9 Coffee Bar and enjoy the 1.2ha dog park set in the tranquil valley of Sardinia Bay. 

Dogs are social creatures and crave companionship from us and social interaction with other dogs.

Our dog park allows dogs to exercise and play both on/off lead in a safe & secure environment under the supervision of their owners. It also provides for a community setting for owners and their dogs to gather and interact and play.

Dogs on lead can often become or be territorial and thus more aggressive. Roaming free is definitely beneficial to their state of mind.

This exercise and playtime will assist in the reduction of barking, destructive and aggressive dogs.

All dogs must be registered to enter with the simple completion of their owner's details and proof of their 3yr core vaccinations (previously known as Annual Vacs), rabies, an annual Bordetella/ Canine/ Kennel cough, de-worming and tick/flea control. Signed off Vet Books are the norm. :) Cash slips also welcome as proof.

The Bark Park Entry fees are as follows:

R25.00 for 1 dog, 
+R20.00 for the 2nd and 
+ R15.00 for the 3rd.

An unlimited access pass regardless of how many dogs you personally bring is also available at R500.00 for any calendar month!

We will have benches for owners, shade under the Milkwood and Acacia trees, borehole water for the dogs (spring water at the coffee bar if you prefer), poop scoops/ spades and bags and bins for the dog waste products and obviously regular maintenance of the grounds.

Stay tuned as there may even be some of Cardel's Barkery Treats 4 the dogs at the K9 Coffee Bar!