A Little About Yours Truly....


 I began writing when I was about ten years old and my favorite teacher, Mrs. Barnes (who is Ms. Olin, now) started giving me little colorful notebooks to put my very silly stories into.  And she read and critiqued every last unicorn- and faerie-filled one.  That woman is a saint.



Currently, I live in Nashville, TN with my husband, Matt. He's the love of my life, my best friend, and an amazing partner- in life, in love, in writing.

We have a few dogs...

Guinevere, Eowyn, and Javert.


    My main trade is costuming and I have designed, constructed, dyed, embellished, and taught about costumes all over the country.  If you see me at an event or convention, chances are I will be participating in a costuming panel as well as reading from my newest novel.  I love both arts with equal voracity.  

    I have a Master’s degree in Costume History from New York University and lived in Greenwich Village for two years while studying there.  One of those years was indeed 2001, so I am sure you can understand why NYC holds such a special place in my heart.  It is also where I met Matt!

    My Bachelor’s degree is in Theatre Arts: Costume Design and I went to the University of California at Santa Cruz, Porter College (go Banana Slugs!) for that.  And someday, I think I shall have to write a novel about the wackiness that is Santa Cruz.  It isn’t the same now as it was then, and I would love to show you the town I loved and called home for many years as I saw it.

     In my spare time, I write, a lot.  I also embroider and make necklaces out of random beads, antique keys, and escutcheons (AKA keyhole covers) and occasionally sew if the mood strikes me or someone commissions me.  I also love to read, sing, game, and hang out at fantastic little coffee shops like Crema here in Nashville. 

    I am easily bribed with shinies, good coffee or tea, dark chocolate, or In-N-Out Burger.

At this time, I am not represented by an agent.