Why choose Sarah Qey Travel?

Save Money

We take pride in getting our clients the best deals available. On average we save 10-20% on total group budgets by using our advanced search platforms and incredible negotiating skills. We do all the searching for you!

Save Time

Once we choose the groups destination, our team of highly skilled experts can handle the rest. This means you can worry less about the details of the trip, and enjoy more of those special moments with your group. We can easily track payments, invite guests, send event reminders, and address any concerns your group might have. 

Hotel Reservations

Need accommodations?  


Vacation Packages

Special offers on Vacation Packages Worldwide. Whether you are traveling in a group, with family, co-workers, or that special someone, we can find the perfect trip for you. 

We offer:

--Destination Travel

Ever think about hiking up the swiss alps or walking along the great wall of china? Whether you are a adventure seeker or nature observer, we have the right destination for you. 


With over 250 ships sailing from 1,800 ports worldwide, our team of experts can help you narrow down the search to find the perfect cruise. Sail through the crystal waters of the Caribbean or explore the icy glaciers of Alaska. Each cruise is certain to give you an experience of a lifetime.

--Weddings & Honeymoons

We know how important this moment is to you and your loved one. Allows us to help you find  the perfect romantic  getaway. Whether you are looking for a quiet romantic destination with exciting nightlife or trying to simply be on the beach at an all inclusive hotel, we can find the perfect match for you.

--Family Vacations

We all know that spending time with family is one of life greatest joys. Allow us to make your trip as painless and fun as possible by organizing kids friendly environments with adult packed activities. Our team is able to find places with baby sitting services as well as kids menu items. Enjoy water parks, family cruises, customized road trips, and a whole lot more.