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The modern Tiple Doliente has five strings tuned from low to high as E, A, D, G, C.

Tiple DolienteFor example:

  C5 |--------  .011 gauge
  G4 |--------  .014 gauge
  D4 |--------  .023 gauge
  A3 |--------  .031 gauge
  E3 |--------  .041 gauge

Notice that this tuning is very similar to the way a guitar is tuned -- with the exception of the thinnest string on the Tiple (corresponding to a B on a guitar) which is tuned a half step higher to a C.

If you do not have a guitar tuner, you can click on the sound files below to help you tune your Tiple Doliente:

First String (tuned to C) (308k mp3) 

Second String (tuned to G) (318k mp3) 

Third String (tuned to D) (455k mp3) 

Fourth String (tuned to A) (506k mp3) 

Fifth String (tuned to E) (369k mp3) 

When you are finished tuning each string to the appropriate note, follow these instructions to ensure your Tiple Doliente is tuned to itself:

  1. Make sure your 5th string (the thickest) is in tune to E.
  2. Then strike the 5th string while pressing on the fifth fret and let it ring while you also strike the 4th string. These two notes should be the same (A). 
  3. You should make minor adjustments if you hear any dischord between the two notes.
  4. Afterwards, do the same for the 4th string on the fifth fret (D) and the 3rd string, the 3rd string on the fifth fret (G) and the second string, and the 2nd string on the fifth fret (C) and the first string.