Welcome to Mrs. Fanzo's Page

Welcome to the 6th grade class page. I am excited to be working with the students and parents of the Class of 2020! Together we will work to make sure that each student reaches his/her full academic potential. My hope is that all students enjoy the school year while growing spiritually and socially.
 If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year please contact me at: afanzo@santamariabronx.org or 718-823-3636. I will try my best to return emails and calls on the same day. Thank you for your support.
Mrs. Anne Fanzo
Tuesday, December 12

Reading-finish "Compare and Contrast" Chart in notebook-10 items in each or if only 8,9 that is ok
Comprehension question-pick one more to answer and answer fully on worksheet(only one answer should be on the worksheet and the others from class should

Grade 7 Math- answer problems with distributive property in notebook
Grade 8 Math-follow Mr. Moore's directions

Wednesday, Dec. 13th
Grade 6 Math both classes- Math page 127 in workbook (write the number in notebook or workbook and write the "tree" for each unless it is already prime then just write prime.
My Math class- also create 3 distributive problems the same as the problems from class today. Two should have two terms in the parenthesis( ) and the other problem should have three terms

Grade 6 Religion-notebook and textbook check up tomorrow-make sure all work is up to date.

Grade 7 Math- study notes and problems from class today and create 3 problems on loose leaf on front. Solve on back. Problems are same as done today.
Grade 8 Math-workbook pages from class today