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Welcome back to school from the beautiful Easter Season. I am hoping that  you and your families enjoyed time together and were able to celebrate this wonderful time in the liturgical year. I cannot believe the fourth quarter has begun. Time really does fly!! Thank you for working with me and supporting me on this journey. It is because of your cooperation we have seen growth  both academically and socially. As we continue this new quarter I pray that our partnership continues and that our students succeed in all areas.
 If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at: afanzo@santamariabronx.org or 718-823-3636. I will try my best to return emails and calls on the same day.
Mrs. Anne Fanzo

Monday, April 24

Grade 6
Math-probability worksheet -complete 2 problems on loose leaf (One on front and one on back) show all work -words P(ace) =  2/10 and final answer should be in a complete sentence.

ELA-newspaper-bring in by Friday with "Happy Article" starred and bullets written on loose leaf answering Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? (use ELA notebook notes we took before Easter Vacation

ELA-4 paragraph due this Thursday, April 27-brainstorm ideas due Tuesday, April 25-choice of 3 topics-see looseleaf from class today-1) Easter, 2) Two months of school left and 3) Free(any topic)

Religion-finish classwork: Check up that 130,152,154,166 is done and read 172-175 AND ANSWER 173 AND 175
Do: 139,153, and R 9 (liturgy after 166)

Mr. Moore and Mrs. Fanzo's math classes same homework:
Grade 7-probability worksheets-complete problem assigned to your group and one other problem(cannot be number 7) on loose leaf-one on front and one on back-show all work

Grade 8 -complete scatter plot graph and make colorful-follow all 10 things for the 10 points

Tuesday, April 25
Grade 6 Math complete the probability matching column worksheet and show all work in notebook

ELA -Percy Jackson choose 1 chapter from chapters 1-10 and 1 chapter from chapters 11-20 -be ready to answer questions about the chapter-for next week

Grade 7-math probability questions-finish worksheet questions
Grade 8-finish scatter plot and graph results

Wednesday, April 26
Grade 6 Math quiz on probability Friday, April 28th
also finish the one question from the class worksheets -show the work for the problem

Grade 7 Math quiz on probability Friday, April 28th
show work on loose leaf for the one problem left on the worksheet from class today

Grade 8 -Math quiz on scatter plots on Friday, April 28th
and for homework finish the one question from class today with the slope formula

Grade 6 ELA-complete the comprehension worksheet-same as the class story we did today

Brainstorm due from three choice topic given on Monday-due Thursday, April 26



















































































Week of May 1:
New York State Math Test: Tuesday, Wed., Thursday
have two number 2 sharpened pencils each day.
You may bring a snack to eat in the morning before the test is administered.

No written homework from my classes. Continue to look over Math rules and review of all work completed.

Bake Sale for Grade 6 Medieval Times Trip -follow Mrs. Rosado's instructions.