Welcome to Mrs. Fanzo's Page

Welcome to the 6th grade class page. I am excited to be working with the students and parents of the Class of 2021! Together we will work to make sure that each student reaches his/her full academic potential. My hope is that all students enjoy the school year while growing spiritually and socially.
 If you have any concerns or questions throughout the year please contact me at: afanzo@santamariabronx.org or 718-823-3636. I will try my best to return emails and calls on the same day. Thank you for your support.
Mrs. Anne Fanzo

Monday, October 8-School Closed
Tuesday, October 9
Grade 7-study math terms from today and complete problems in notebook-terminating and repeating decimals
Grade 6-study math terms from today and complete problems in notebook from pink text-converting fractions to decimals and vice versa
Grade 8 -study terms from today and complete circled problems on worksheet with types of transformations

Grade 6 ELA Perspective book page 48 -finish copying the chart on the page(not the examples on the right side of the chart)
Then do the page(sentences at the bottom)
In "Brown Girl Dreaming" circle 5-10 pronouns

Thursday, October 11
Grade 7 Math Eureka Lesson 13/7.2  pg. S73 and 74
Grade 8 Math- finish transformations on the graph paper we began in class-you should have a total of 4 figures -one in each quadrant. Follow the rules for each (from notes in notebook)

Grade 6 Math-finish any problems from class that were not completed
Grade 6 Spelling-words number 11-20 due tomorrow-5 times each
Grade 6 Religion- due Monday-creation notes and colorful pictures in notebook
Grade 6 ELA-finish all questions from "Brown Girl Dreaming" (side questions with answers in notebook)
Writing assignment -Memoir due Monday, October 15-at least 8 lines or more-follow same format as "Brown Girl Dreaming"- must have 4 or more pictures

Friday, October 12
Grade 8 Math workbook pages finish Eureka Lesson 9,8.1 pg. S37,38, and 39
Envision- page 71, 47, 49(7 and 8) due Tuesday, October 16

Grade 6 Math both classes-finish problems in notebook from classwork today
Grade 6-see previous days this week for what is due
Spelling test Wednesday
Reading vocabulary do in Reading notebook- girls numbers 1-10 and boys numbers 11-20 write the definition of each word
Perspective book pg.19 numbers 1-3, pg. 23 numbers 1,2 and page 26 copy vocab box and bullets



















































































Halloween Paper -give to parents about Trunk of Treat