Advanced Placement Courses

Sandwich High School supports the vision of College Board  in its commitment to equity and access. All students at Sandwich High School grades 10-12 are encouraged to consider enrolling in Advanced Placement courses.

Advanced Placement courses are demanding explorations of a range of academic subjects. As such they assume a high level of interest and competence. Because these courses are similar to first year college courses, students should expect that the workload will be significantly more challenging than most regular high school courses in their respective disciplines. The analytical thinking, writing and reading skills that students develop through the AP courses will help to equip them for higher education and lifelong learning.

In order to succeed, students need to be both motivated to study and be able to keep up with the demands of college level course work. Sandwich High School measures the success of the program by the volume of participation each year. We require students enrolled in AP courses to take the AP exams at the end of the year and in so doing, students have the opportunity to demonstrate that they have indeed learned college level material and are prepared to enter advanced level college courses.

Sandwich High School offers the following Advanced Placement courses.  Course descriptions and guidelines for student success are found in each departmental section of the Program of Studies: