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Students at the College des Collines,
Rive-de-Gier, France have been busy creating new short stories based on our popular, Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo series.  The winning play has been professionally recorded and illustrated and is now available as a FREE audio recording or Cartoon Book via YouTube.  The students will also perform their story for a final, end of year play, for students and teachers and we hope we might be able to share their video later in the year. 

Well done to their English teacher at College des Collines, Stephanie Moreland, for driving and directing this work.  Read her interview how why she choose to use Radio Ron stories to help her students learn English.  Also see example of the students winning Postcards.

Here is the winning play/short story:

Radio Ron and the Pink, Magic, Pygmy Elephant.

Inspired by Sandra Arthur's Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo

By Diana, Imene, Sabrina (aged 11 years - learning English as  second language in France)
College des Collines,

Radio Ron and the Dayak Warriors arrived at a new village in Borneo.  Radio Ron wanted to visit the jungle and the Dayak Warriors were his guides.

“Ouch! I’m hurt! I’m hurt!!” cried Radio Ron.

“What’s happened?” asked the Dayak Warriors.

“Something has just bit my leg!” explained Radio Ron.

“Oh, look, it’s a big spider.  It is running away!” shouted Pak, one of the Dayak warriors.

“Whisper, whisper…” The Dayak Warriors talked together privately and then said to Radio Ron:

“There is only one solution….”  They blew into a magic horn.


“Hurray!  Look, the magic pygmy elephant is arriving.  He is flying with his giant, pink, ears!”

Radio Ron looked up, “Oh my goodness!  It’s very cute!”

The pygmy elephant landed in the clearing.

Then the three men climbed up onto the pink pygmy elephant.

“Hang on tightly!” cried Pak.  The pink elephant flew above the jungle trees.

Radio Ron said, “ Wow!  It’s amazing.  It’s magic, the pygmy elephant is bringing us to a marvellous place.”

“Yes, it’s here where the plants that can cure you grow,” explained Siotok, the other Dayak Warrior.

“Oh, it is beautiful!” remarked Radio Ron.

Below in the forest there were lots of colourful and unusual plants.

The pygmy elephant slowly landed on the jungle floor and the three men climbed off the elephant.  They ran over to the plants and they picked some of the special leaves. 

The Dayak Warriors placed the leaves on the leg of Radio Ron.  A few hours later he felt much better.

“Thank you Dayak Warriors and thanks to the magic pink pygmy elephant!” smiled Radio Ron.

The End.

"The students hit upon a very important point.  Rainforest plants have already provided tangible evidence of their potential with remedies for a range of medical problems, from childhood leukemia to toothaches. Seventy percent of the plants identified as having anti-cancer characteristics by the US National Cancer Institute are found only in the tropical rainforest".  This is yet another strong argument why we must SAVE OUR RAINFORESTS.  Learn more about the magic of rainforest plants in this article from Mongabay. 

Also read "The Frog Report"where
10 Incredible Medicinal Plants have been found in the Peruvian Amazon.  “In the forest, we have a pharmacy,” says Hemiterio Quispe Hidalgo, gesturing to the wealth around him enthusiastically. “We need to protect it.”

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