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Crocodile Attack

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- Fun Reading For Under 9's

Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo

Crocodile Attack!

Background to book

Crocodile Attack features Borneo’s rainforest as its backdrop for the curious story of "Radio Ron" (a Royal Air Force Radio Technician) who takes a journey with Dayak tribes-people.  This is a vivid, fun and thought-provoking adventure book for children under nine years that is also proving popular with children who are learning English as a second language.  The story is a work of fiction, but was written as a tribute to the author's father, who was with the British Royal Air Force in Borneo during the mid 1960’s.

This humorous picture book, illustrated by British artist Lisa Williams, will appeal to all children, young and old.  At the same time, readers will learn interesting facts about the endangered orang utans (orang-utans) of Borneo.  The book is completed with environmental information and parent and educator notes, for a lively reading and educational experience.   Whilst the story is fiction, the background to the light-hearted story is based on historical events. 

As children develop their own reading skills they can catch up on the adventures of “Radio Ron” in a junior fiction book, Cpl Ron’s Borneo Warrior Rescue, that has received accolades worldwide.

Author and Illustrator comments

How to make reading fun

The book's author, Sandra Arthur commented, “I hope that my book will be picked up by parents and educators in their quest to help children develop a passion for books.  Learning to read is one of the biggest milestones young children face.  By offering a fun approach to early reading practice, I hope my work may encourage a life long love affair with reading and books (whether on an electronic screen or paper).   I’m delighted to say that my Radio Ron stories are already known around the globe via a great project called Educate Earth.

My book may be a young child’s first introduction to environmental issues.  I believe that children who learn about environmental issues will become more conservation-conscious, develop empathy for such issues, and grow up to become informed adults.”

This book also includes games, puzzles and suggested classroom activities. The story offers many of the high frequency words children learn between ages five to nine. There are also a number of “word builders” to help children increase their vocabulary.

The book's illustrator, Lisa Williams remarked, “I think this book offers young children a great way to discover a little about the oldest rainforest in the world.  I had great fun drawing the images and developing the games.  I have learnt so much about orang-utans and hope teachers and parents will use this material to engage and inform their children whilst having fun learning to read.”

Crocodile Attack is now available on lulu.com as an audio eBook,  paperback and in hardcover.

Watch a FREE preview reading of Crocodile Attack by Storycub Storyteller, Lizzie! 

(Will not feature puzzles, games, posters or fact file)

Video Link for Crocodile Attack on Storycub

StoryCub's mission is to get kids excited about reading by providing entertaining, multi-format video stories. They connect parents and their children with authors and publishers. Check out link and discover lots of new reading material to share.  Please note the Storycub do not feature the puzzles, games in orangutan information included in the Crocodile Attack's book.

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Key to reading success: Hear it - Say it - Read it!

NEW!!! Crocodile Attack is now available as a special audio ebook (for ipad/iphone) with voice-over and music for an upbeat reading experience.

How this ebook can be used

Use it to introduce the story to your child/students. Its bright and fun illustrations will help them picture the story. 
Crocodile Attack comes with narration and music, clear text to read aloud, and colourful illustrations to entertain.  Makes a perfect book to download to ipad for travel.  Includes some simple puzzles and environmental information on orangutans for parents to help inform their kids.

Also works well on iphone, so helpful way to amuse a child whilst travelling.

How pupils could benefit

Children can use this book independently by listening to, repeating words and then reading the story.  All children love hunting for the hidden orangutan in the illustrations.  Get your child to not only FIND the ape but also describe where he is hiding.  Older children can also use it to fuel their own imagination before writing their own version.

Next steps…

Use the games and puzzles following the story for additional fun and study ideas.  Request our special Radio Ron classroom activity kit for more classroom exercises.   

GET YOUR FREE CLASSROOM ACTIVITY KIT: Special "Radio Ron Classroom activity kits" to assist educators to use our material in their classrooms or for special storytelling/workshop events are available.  We have a six week agenda you can follow or there are individual exercises for early readers or advance readers.  To obtain a copy of these kits please send an email with your request to admin@SandraArthurBooks.com 

Sales of this book will also support Orang-utan Charities.

Only £2.99 or $4.62

Orang Utan to the Rescue

This colourful picture book provides a unique and amusing story for young readers.  The stories have also proved popular with children learning English as a second language.  The storyline and environmental facts and stats that are included in each book, strongly appeal to children.  This title is available in FRENCH.

Do you have a Reluctant Reader over 9 years old? 

We'd like to propose our action-packed junior fiction - Corporal Ron’s Borneo Warrior Rescue.  This
is an adventure story that should appeal to boys aged 9 plus, as well as eco-wariors. It is a unique, fast-paced story about a fascinating country and a long forgotten “secret” war.

Learn more here - available as low cost pdf/ebook or paperback from lulu.com

All Radio Ron book sales support Orang
utan Charities: 
Helping to save this beautiful primate from extinction.  We don't think you can put a price on an animal that is going extinct.  For those of you who have purchased our books, we say a big thank you!

We believe that children who learn about environmental issues will become more conservation-conscious, develop empathy for such issues and grow up to become informed adults. No matter how young, it is important that everyone learn that we can all make a difference in our world. 


Why Orangutans matter?
Due entirely to human activity, the population of orangutans in Borneo is now only 12% of what it was less than a century ago.  Due to logging and palm oil production these great apes are losing their natural habitat and could face extinction in the wild by 2022.  Orangutans are known as keystone species and extremely important in retaining the biodiversity within the Borneo rainforest. Keystone species are species whose very existence in an ecosystem greatly effects the health of other species and the ecosystem at large. When a keystone species decline or they completely disappear, the survival and abundance of many other species in that ecosystem are negatively impacted.  Their protection is vital to the overall health of the lowland forest ecosystem in which they thrive. In contrast, the vitality of the orangutan population will only flourish if their forest home is kept undisturbed and intact.


Visit our Short Story page to listen to our FREE audio books. 

Also learn how French Students created their own Radio Ron Adventure!

Did you know :-

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It may be winter outside but our clever orangutans are keeping dry with their leaf hats.

Keep your little one's warm and dry - curl up with our fun series Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo (CHOOSE audio eBook, paperback or hard cover) "Crocodile Attack" - full of fun, ape facts and puzzles.


Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo is rapidly becoming a hit with fans all over the world.

Don't take our word for it - here's what people are saying.  To learn how one teacher has used Radio Ron in her English classes link here:

Have really enjoyed reading Orang Utan to the Rescue. I loved the bright artwork. Am sure this will appeal.
Valerie B. Teacher, New Zealand.

My grandchildren love it. It's very well illustrated and the voice tracks add that extra dimension. The information on orangutans in Borneo is invaluable.
K Andersen, Spain

A wonderful story. The EPUB is professionally created and the sound voice overs extremely good. It looks and sounds truly amazing.
Isobel, France.

"Great book, great story, wonderful illustrations." Glen, Peñíscola, Spain.

"I found Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo a useful book to stimulate and help me inject fun into my English classes." Stephanie (Teacher) France.

"Radio Ron - another best seller!" John, France.

"Crocodile Attack!  Looks and sounds amazing.  The audio eBook really brings the story to life :)" Jane, UK

"My students love reading this book and especially enjoy "hunting for Omar the Orangutan!" Elaine (Teacher) UK.