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Supporting Orangutan charities

My family travelled to East Malayisa (Sabah), one the third largest islands in the world, Borneo back in 2010.

You might be surprised to learn that the second most popular tourist spot in Malaysia is the Sepilok Rehabiliation Centre For Orangutans - and yet few European (and no north Americans) are seen wandering around the centre.   I did note that people from Australia/Korea/Japan and other asian locations, formed the majority of visitors.   The plight of the orangutans is thankfully becoming known around the world, due in part to a wonderful BBC series called Orangutan Diaries and work led by many UK charities.

Still a relatively poor country (Sabah) tourism is slowly taking off and some wonderful 5 star hotels can be found on the west coast of KK and luxury eco cabins are being built, to attract the more discerning eco traveller.

I have written the following blog report, shown on the attached link, that covers my experience of visiting Sepilok.

In a small way, I am trying to help the plight of the orangutans (facing lose of habitat etc) by raising funds for charity via sales of my books.  I currently have the following books available on and more details can be found under our page "books" on link above.

Early Learning Reader:-
-Orang Utan to the Rescue
-Crocodile Attack

For Boys
-Cpl Ron's Borneo Warrior Rescue

Link to my blog site to read our account of our visit to Sepilok

Sandra Arthur Books - International Day, Sophia Antipolis, France.

Agne Kudarauskiene & Sandra Arthur
A fun day was enjoyed by all at the CIV International School in the South of France.  Under the event's theme of 'feel good', school children danced, sung, provided sporting demonstrations as well as tucked into a fabulous range of dishes provided by the international fare on offer.  Tables representing Italy, England, Germany, Korea, Japan and others tempted visitors to buy and taste their food, whilst raising funds for a good cause. 

Agne Kudarauskiene & Sandra Arthur
Flying the flag, for Sandra Arthur Books, we shared our philosophy to 'make reading fun', and also raised funds for our supported charities.  While many parents expressed interest, the trick is how to get children to read, and enjoy the experience.  The best moment of the day for us, was when one little girl voluntarily came over to our table, reviewed the books, asked questions and than ran away to get her mother to buy one of our books!  In this day and age when everyone is being bombarded with information that amounts to 34 gigatbyes of data (or 100,500 words) per day, it's no surprise that kids have very short attention spans.  So for a person as young as this to check out and select one of our books was a golden moment.  Thank you for all your support.

Raffle Winners

First Prize: - Model Helicopter Bristol 192 Belvedere
Cathy Meunier (for her son Louis)

Second Prize: Venice Escape - Maria's Golden Gondola Adventure book and bookmark
Sajini Sivanandan

Third Prize: Corporal Ron's Borneo Warrior Rescue T-Shirt
Leonard Schmidt

Sajini collects her prize

Sajini collects her prize


It's a small world! I was fund raising for the orangutans and promoting my kid's books, Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo and a new historical fiction, Corporal Ron's Borneo WaIIrrior Rescue at an international school event in France, when my Lithuanian friend, Agne, who was helping me, told me about her "famous" relative. It turned out that her husband's Aunt is Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas!

Dr Galdikas has studied orangutans longer than any other person in human history and has worked ceaselessly to save orangutans and forests, and to bring orangutans and their plight to the attention of the world.

For almost four decades Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas has studied and worked closely with the orangutans of Indonesian
Borneo in their natural habitat, and is today the world’s foremost  authority on the orangutan. I had known about
Orangutan Foundation International, but never really researched the background to this charity.

Having achieved my own trip of a lifetime back in December 2010, to observe the wonderful orangutans in their unique home, Borneo, how I wished I'd known about the following eco-trips with a naturalist expert, could be available. For anyone interested to learn more about the amazing country of Borneo and at the same time to see, perhaps for the last time in the wild, the wonderful Great Apes - orangutans, the Orangutan Foundation International are arranging four special trips in 2012. These shy, majestic creatures are facing loss of habitat due to deforestation, forest fires, palm oil production and illegal pet trades. A number of international charities, such as OFI are working hard to help the orangutans, but sadly it appears to be a difficult battle, as their numbers continue to decline, year after decline. There are now around 6000 orangutans left in Sumatra and figures for the whole of Borneo are sketchy with numbers estimated between 25,000 - 40,000.  For anyone interested in Orangutans. Dr Galdikas will give her insights into the orangutan’s natural history and behavior and share her adventures working with this incredible species for over 40 years.

Spaces for each trip are limited to 13 individuals and they will fill quickly. If you are interested in joining one of our tours please contact Irene Spencer for availability: or telephone number +1 619-574-1371 in San Diego, California, USA.

Back in 1971, Biruté Galdikas arrived in one of the world’s last wild places, Tanjung Puting Reserve in Borneo. There were no telephones, roads, electricity, television, or regular mail service. The reserve was being logged and the laws protecting wildlife were not enforced. The rhinoceros had already been hunted into extinction in the area. At this time, very little was known about orangutan in the wild.

Despite these conditions and a number of people that said it could not be done, Dr. Galdikas developed the first comprehensive study of the wild orangutan. Through this work, Dr. Galidkas created Camp Leakey, the site of the longest continuous study on any primate. She has also protected one of last havens for orangutans in Borneo despite the tremendous pressures from illegal logging and mining interests.

During this trip, you will visit the sites of Dr. Galdikas’ work including her famous research site aCamp Leakey and the Orangutan Care Center and Quarantine Facility, which houses over 330 orangutan orphans. Dr. Galdikas will share with you her expertise in the areas of primatology, anthropology, and conservation. As the world’s leading expert in orangutan behavior, you will come away with insights into one of human’s closest living relatives. You will also spend time along riverways and walking through the forest in search of some of the most amazing wildlife on the planet including proboscis monkeys, barking deer, rhinoceros hornbills, and Bornean wild pigs.

Having visited the northern part of Borneo,in Sabah, where I was lucky to observe

not only  orangutans, but also the endangered proboscis monkey and much more, I

would highly recommend this trip to anyone interested not only in nature, but also for  those who genuinely may be interested to help the plight of these fantastic animals.

The trip application can be downloaded at

Sandra Arthur Books - News Release
New Boys Historical Fiction Aims to Inspire the
Inquisitive Reader

*Corporal Ron’s Borneo Warrior Rescue

*A New Boys Adventure Book, pays tribute to RAF, and “Radio Man” Ron Chidgey


Valbonne, France, 27 March 2012.      Fifty years after the start of the Malaysian Confrontation in

Borneo (1962-66), a new book has been published seeking to appeal to a new generation of

youngsters by combining a rollicking jungle adventure story with Borneo Rainforest facts and figures

and a wartime backdrop.  It also pays tribute to the successful involvement of the British Royal Air

Force in this conflict, and to one of the men involved at that time, Corporal Ronald A K Chidgey,

who was part of the RAF force.... Read more by linking here



In a novel, new collaborative approach, a student artist provides eye-catching illustrations for our “book in the  clouds

for children.

Digital/ebook features the curious story of Radio Ron who lives under the Borneo canopy with Dayak Warriors. 

Book sales will raise funds for orang utan charities.


20 February 2011, London, UK.    Art student, Lisa Williams, who is currently studying Fine Art at the

University of Chester, has joined forces with writer, Sandra S C Arthur, to create a unique magazine

style “book in the clouds”, for kids.

Illustrator, Lisa Williams

Writer, Sandra S C Arthur, based in France, connected

with Lisa on the internet, after seeing her request to develop

her portfolio and design experience via LinkedIn.  They

then worked together via e-mail and web, and self-

published the book using an on-demand digital and print

service.  In an era where many young people are struggling to

establish a career, Lisa has found an innovative way to establish

a portfolio with an already published author.

The early learning reader, Orang Utan to the Rescue, part of

the ‘Radio Ron’s Postcards from Borneo series’, has been

written for both young children, 7 years and under, as well as

for parents and educators.

It follows the unusual story of  "Radio Ron" as he takes a

journey down a Rainforest River with Dayak tribes-people.  In addition to the story, the book

includes interesting facts about the unique animals of Borneo.  Parent and educator notes are

also provided with guidance on how to achieve a lively reading and educational experience for

children.   The book has been designed to be fun as well as providing young children the

opportunity to learn a little about the importance of safe-guarding our rainforest environments.

Lisa has spent six months creating the eye-catching and colourful illustrations.    “I’ve had a passion

for art and all things creative, throughout my life.  Working on this project has given me a taste for

design work, that I hope will help me determine my future career.  I am now looking forward to

working on the next title, Crocodile Attack!”

Revenue from the book will be given to charity to assist with orangutan rehabilitation.

The book is currently available on the innovative new HP MagCloud service.  For less than the cost of

café latte, the reader can download a personalized digital version for a laptop, pc or tablet such as

an iPad.  A small printed magazine-style book is also available.  The digital version is offered

FREE with the purchase of the magazine or can be purchased separately.

Sandra S C Arthur commented, “I developed this series as a tribute to my dad, Ronald A K Chidgey,

who would have been 75 years old this March.  The inspiration came from my dad’s time with the

RAF in Borneo during the Malayan conflict and the wonderful stories of the people, animals and

landscapes he brought home.  I hope the book will be used in schools, as well as at home, to

entertain, assist reading projects and stimulate discussion about the plight of the orang utans in


The title will be made available in traditional book format, as well as in other languages: French and


Link here to see preview copy for FREE

Download your copy for Euro 1.88 at 

Or if you want a book format, this is available at



Lisa Williams




Venice Escape Christmas Workshop

We had great fun during the recent Venice Escape Christmas Workshop at the Valbonne English BookCentre, France.
A great group of children signed up to participate in this special workshop at the English Bookshop in the centre of
Valbonne village.  In addition to listening to different kinds of music, learning more about the new Venice Escape junior
fiction, and indeed the origins of "mardi gras", everyone created their own beautiful masks to take home.

Join Sandra Arthur at a special Kids Book Reading Workshop,

English Book Centre,Valbonne, France.

Making Reading Fun!

English Book Reading Craft making Italian Snacks Book Gift •New Year’s Eve Mask

23 December 2011 - 10.00 - 12.00 h

Whilst you arrange last minute shopping at the wonderful Valbonne Christmas Market – Register your children (8-12 years) to attend a special event at the English Bookshop Centre: 09.45h -12.00h

For an uplifting and beautiful experience, join the Magical “Venice Escape” book reading workshop at the English Bookshop.  Local author, Sandra Arthur will deliver an engaging experience for your enthusiastic or reluctant reader. Talking about her latest book, she will share the story, uncover some of the musical instruments discovered by the heroine of her travel adventure and challenge the children to create beautiful Venetian themed crafts.

*Fee includes

+ Welcome drink and Italian cake
+ Workshop to discover a variety of different musical sounds and styles
+ Learn about mardi gras celebrations
+ English Book reading and craft making led by local author, Sandra Arthur

+ Price includes
-Copy of the featured book:   Venice Escape – Maria’s Golden Gondola Adventures.
- Craft making materials.

Places are limited – to avoid disappointment please book your place today:

Call the English Bookshop   Tel
0493 12 21 42

Do you live in Suffolk, UK?

You can now find "Venice Escape" in Ipswich and Stowmarket pubic libraries

(as well as some local schools: St Albans, RC high school and Stowmarket Primary and High schools.  If you would like your local library to stock this title, let us know and we will see if we can help!

South of France dwellers can pick up a copy from their local mediatheque, Sophia Antipolis,

Alpes Martimes:


Valbonne Village Celebrates a Venice Discovery Morning

Saturday 11 June 2011: 9.30 – 12.15h

Art and Crafts: Make a Venetian Mardi Gras mask.

Storytime: Meet local writer, Sandra Arthur to hear about her new book

Painting in the Street:   Art Competition;  Painting to be led by local artist Marlene Savail.

Snack time: Enjoy Italian ice cream at the new Valbonne Ice Cream shop.


Join Anabelle Pradon at "Happy Days" Valbonne, 06560 France for a "Venice Discovery Morning".  Anabelle will bring in local luminaries: a writer, an artist and the Italian Ice cream shop maker to add authenticity to the morning.   Writer, Sandra Arthur, will provide a sneak preview of her new book, Venice Escape, ahead of the official launch on 21 June.  She will challenge the children to create paintings inspired by her story.  The book workshop is free to attend, so plan to drop by.

Local artist, Marlene Savail, will be on hand to help guide the children with their creations as well as making "mardi gras" masks.  Valbonne's newly opened Italian Ice Cream shop will serve delicious frozen desserts at a special discount price during the celebratory morning.

For more details email Anabelle Pradon  at or Tel +33 685378228


 09.30h – 12.00h              Art and Crafts: Make a Venetian Mardi Gras mask.

10.00h – 10.30h              Storytime: Meet local writer, Sandra Arthur to hear about her new junior fiction story: Venice Escape – Maria’s Golden Gondola Adventures.  Sandra to share details of her new story (in English).

10.30h-12.00h                 Painting in the Street:   Art Competition.  Sandra Arthur will challenge the children to draw or paint characters from her new book.  Prize to be won a signed copy of Venice Escape.

Painting instruction to be led by local Valbonne artist, Marlene Savail.

11.30 – 12.00h                 Complete paintings and masks.

12.00h                            Judging and prizes to be award.

Snack time: Enjoy Italian ice cream at the new Valbonne Ice Cream shop, Le Glacier (special discount price for all during Venice Discovery Morning)

 Venice Escape can be ordered at

Schools & Groups

Radiowaves, the award winning, safe social learning environment for thousands of schools, children and young people, has created an exclusive channel for schools and groups to safely share and showcase their entries for WWF's My True Nature

Radiowaves is FREE to join and can be used for work outside the competition and beyond the closing date.

Nice Matin join Venice Discovery Morning

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Press coverage in French newspaper: Nice Matin