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To develop a love of reading, kids need to enjoy stories.  Sandra Arthur has developed a range of early learning books that both young children can enjoy at bedtime or challenge older children to read aloud because they are witty and fun. 

The role parents can provide by reading to their children is most important, and the unusual topics covered in Sandra's stories should appeal, amuse and educate.   We hope these stories will help kids build vocabulary and provide a backcloth to discuss music, travel, food, environment issues and dreams.   This site also aims to provide additional literacy resources for parents and educators and to invite all to "join the conversation" on how best to make reading fun. 

"The stories inside books are more than a gentle escape. They are a life raft."   



It's been another great year.  We've launched four new titles, including one in French (La Gondole Doree) and another (Crocodile Attack) as our "all singing and dancing" audio eBook for the ipad.

We've met many of our fans at special story-telling workshops and our books have been shared far and wide around the world.  Best of all, we have been able to support a variety of charities that are featured in our support section.  We thank you for all feedback, comments and support.  We look forward to sharing more reading fun.  May your new year be filled with Golden Moments!

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Message from Sandra Arthur

Hello, thank you for visiting my website.  I'm glad you found me!  My url has been hijacked and so until I can update, thank you for seeking out my material here!  For those of you who have bought and read my books, I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I did creating them.

If you like what you read please help me by spreading the word to your friends. You can keep up to date on my many projects at this website or via our Facebook page or special blog site:

Please feel free to send me your comments, suggestions or viewpoints.  I'm always happy to receive articles for my blog site.

My books are published and available at and some are also available at Amazon:

Junior Fiction:
+Venice Escape - Maria's Golden Gondola Adventures
+Corporal Ron's Borneo Warrior Rescue

Early learner:
For the younger reader, Crocodile Attack and Orang Utan to the Rescue should appeal! These books have been beautifully illustrated by Lisa Williams and includes parent and educator notes as well as environmental information.  Orang Utan to the Resuce is also available in French. These books support orangutan charities.
+Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo:
- Crocodile Attack! (illustrated by Lisa Williams)
-Orang Utan to the Rescue (illustrated by Lisa Williams)
-Orang Outan a la Rescousse (French text - Lesley Cookson)

+The Golden Gondola (illustrated by Will Stevens)
- La Gondole Doree (French) French text by Anne C Dupont Salter.
-Special Edition featuring our popular read aloud: The Golden Gondola in English and French

To complement the Venice Escape and The Golden Gondola books,  I have supplied a free online multimedia companion on this site - please visit the music links.

Here you will find additional information plus video and music clips to enhance your reading experience.

There are also resources for educators - visit the classroom activity page for class ideas and lesson kits.

All book sales support various charities including The Children's Home, Nepal.

Thank you for your interest and support - keep your kids happy, help them to read and remember, make it fun!

Achieve New Reading Heights with our latest book!

Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo

Our latest adventure book for children under 9 years.
From our successful Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo series,
once again, Radio Ron continues his journey down a rainforest river, in Borneo, with Dayak tribes-people. This is a hilariously amusing picture book that will appeal to children, young and old.

This book also includes games, puzzles and suggested classroom activities. The story includes many of the high frequency words children learn between reception and year 4. There are also a number of “word builders” to help your child increase their vocabulary. This book supports Orangutan Charities.

 For a lively reading and educational experience, check out the parent and educator notes, included in this book.   Review our Classroom Kit page on this website, where you will find more suggestions to complement the ideas contained in this book.  There are also interesting facts about the unique and endangered orangutans as well as a lovely poster.
If you would like to receive a copy of our new Classroom kit to support the Radio Ron's Postcards from Borneo series - please send us an email with your contact details/email address and we will forward our informative kit that covers:
•How to present this book.
•Story comprehension questions.
•Learning to read with Radio Ron.
and more classroom puzzles.

Our "Golden Gondola" Supporting
The Children's Home, Nepal

Our new read aloud book, The Golden Gondola features rich scenes from Venice and locations around the world, and includes delightful images of unusual instruments, such as the Shamisen and Pipa.  Each page is brimming in colour that should appeal to children.  The easy to read verses include a number of “word builders” to give children a head start to advance their reading skills.

This story about an Italian orphan, supports the Children's Home in Nepal.

Jouez, Lisez, Imaginez!

The Golden Gondola NOW IN FRENCH - La Gondole Dorée.
Une histoire charmante et pleine d’esprit accompagnée d’images merveilleuses que vous voudrez admirer, chérir et partager.  Un plaisir à lire à voix haute et partager avec les jeunes et les moins jeunes.  Un festin pour tous les sens!

Can't decide between English or French Version?

Don't worry - we have now produced a special edition featuring both the English and French text!  Enjoy the adventure of Maria and her magic golden gondola and lion in this jammed packed edition.  Both authors of the French and English story have billingual kids and definitely know the benefit of achieving proficiency in two or more languages.



Supporting Charity

Make a difference
+Enfance Nepal/Childrens Home, Nepal
+Help 4 Heroes
+UK Orangutan Appeal
+Marie Curie Cancer Care
and more..




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