Build a Common Vision

Include here a brief discussion about why and how to go about building a common vision. Give resources to support Blended Learning, Universal Design for Learning, and 21st Century Learning. Principals can start having conversations about culture shifts and growth mindsets to begin laying a foundation of reflective practice, risk taking, and change.

Principals should model a willingness to share their journey as technology learners. Provide access to resources for principals to begin learning.

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Professional Development

Include here resources for staff to begin building their technology skills. Provide an example pathway or hierarchy to technology development.


Build Student Capacity

Include here resources/ideas for getting students 
capacity builders

Tasks & Committees

Delegate Authority

Include here a brief discussion the kinds of jobs and responsibilities that will need to be distributed among several staff members to create a team of people. List the jobs/tasks to be completed and emphasize the need for a tech committee. Consider adding an example agenda for the first Tech Committee meeting.


Parent Outreach

Parent Outreach

Include here resources for the principal to begin communicating with parents. Quick information discussion about using social media, keeping up with your school's website maintenance. Provide links to resources to do this. Druple, Google Classroom Etc.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Include here logistical information that a principal might need at this stage of the game.