This week's top stories from the Dana Globe. Written by Journalism, period 1 students.

In Search of: The Lost City of Atlantis

By: Drizzit Do’Urden

The Lost City of Atlantis is a legend of an island that was swallowed up by the ocean in less than 24 hours. It was supposed to be a more advanced civilisation than the rest of the world. All though the legend is about it sinking under the sea, some people believe the legend is actually about  it’s rival city, Athens.

The Origins of the Legend

Someone named Plato was the first to tell the legend of Atlantis in his stories and books. He wrote his first books that included the legend  "Timaeus" and "Critias" in about 330 B.C. He was not the one who make up the legend but the first one to say that Atlantis may not have been a peaceful utopia but a highly advanced, technological warring nation. Some people think that war with Anthes may of been Atlantis’ downfall. Others believe that it was a MASSIVE earthquake that destroyed the land under Atlantis. Another theory is that Atlantis was here during an Ice Age. When the ice melted, it could of submerged Atlantis.

Where is Atlantis?

There is no known location of Atlantis. The most likely location is somewhere in the  Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis might also be in the Mediterranean Sea. Some people also think it might actually be Santorini while others think it is closer to Bimini. The legend says that Atlantis rose out of the ocean in the Straits of Gibraltar, a “tourist trap” in the Bahamas. There are others, these are just the most likely.

Is Atlantis Real?

I think Atlantis might be real. I think that the theories about the Ice Age submerging Atlantis and the massive earthquake might of been the most likely. Although I think that Atlantis is real, I do not think that it Atlantis was more advanced than the world. Where it is in the world would determine how advanced it is in my opinion. I also think Atlantis is real because if there have been other underwater city ruins found, why wouldn’t there be another one that is Atlantis?

Interviewing Ms. Bognatz 

Cookie Monster, Pluto

Ms. Bognatz is a new math teacher here at Dana middle school. She is very nice and if you ever see her in a hall you stop and say “hello”.  Ms. Bognatz is known for wearing her very fancy dresses and shoes. Recently we got the chance to sit down and interview Ms.Bognatz and these were her answers:

Q. How long have you taught at Dana Middle School?

A.” It is my 1st year at Dana but my 17th  year of teaching.”

Q. What subject do you teach?

A. “I teach math! The best subject ever!”

Q. What do you like about teaching at Dana Middle?

A.”I love making a difference and how students view math.”

Q. What are some of your hobbies outside of Dana Middle?

A. “I go to the gym, I love to paint, I LOVE shopping for shoes and dresses and I love hanging out with friends and family”.

Q. Talk to us about the exciting things you’re doing in your elective class this year.

A. “ I only teach math classes.”


Q.Have you taught at any other schools or in any other state of the Union?

A.”I taught at Hamilton Elementary for 16 years.”

Q. If you didn't teach math what other subjects or electives would you be interested in teaching.

A.”I like to teach math but I would love to teach Art or ASB.”

Q.Do you have a message you’d like to send to the students at Danna.

A.”That they matter and never give up and believe in yourself.”

Q.Do you have a colleague or teacher whom you work with closely here at Dan?

A.”All of the teachers are great but I mostly work with Mr. Conway and Mrs Garcia.”

Q. In your opinion, what is the most important quality for good teachers to exhibit in the classroom?

A.” to be understanding and compassionate towards all.”

If you read the interview you can see that Ms.Bognatz is an amazing teacher. She teaches 5th and 6th grade math and is very enthusiastic about teaching. I hope you have her as a teacher and make sure to stop by her classroom, room 207.

Video Game Review Fortnite

By: Sports Fan

Fortnite is a third-person shooter game that was fully released in July of 2017. It started off with the save the world mode(The zombie fighting mode) and there was a trailer for it on youtube. It was a HUGE success, and they made millions and millions of dollars because of the battle royale mode that was released in 2017 September 28. Originally, the game cost $39.99 for the Save the World version, but later versions were free. It has already lasted for a year, and is still a trend. In battle royale you can play as a solo, duo, or squads.

This video game has two modes in it, one is a battle royale game which is 100 people dropping from the battle bus, and they gather weapons to get the victory royale, which is last man standing wins. The second mode is a zombie game mode( Don’t worry there’s no blood)where you can do missions collect weapons to fight off the zombies, you can even craft some weapons. Did i mention you can BUILD, with materials like wood, stone, and metal, you can now build some mean forts. Did i also mention the battle royale game mode is FREE, it was first developed in 2010 and it even has a trailer in 2011. This video game was made by the people at epic games they also made other games like Paragon, Infinity Blade series, Robo Recall, Gears of War series, etc. . They are very good developers you should check them out.

This game has one unique feature in both modes that made it different from all battle royale games, the building aspect of fortnite. That’s my favorite feature of this game, because you can build some mega big bases. It's so cool that you can build some structures, you can even do build offs with the people in your lobby. If you’re getting shot at, you can build some cover, like walls. These are the things you can build, walls, floors, staircases, and cones. It also has cool looking, outfits, pickaxes, and dances.

In this video game you can get any gun at any time, you can just find a chest then find a gold gun, like a golden sniper rifle. There is five rarities of guns in fortnite, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. I myself prefer the golden bolt action sniper rifle out of all legendary guns. There are four types of shotguns, like the pump shotgun, tactical shotgun, heavy shotgun, and a double barrel shotgun. I prefer the heavy shotgun because it can shoot far. There are three types of assault rifle, the M16, the rarity of the M16 are common, uncommon, and the rare one. The second type of an assault rifle is the Scar, which comes in epic and legendary rarity. The third type is similar to the scar, but it has a suppressor, The suppressed scar, it’s basically the scar but it’s silenced, so enemies can barely hear the sound of the gunshot. Those were only  some of the many weapons in fortnite.

This video game deserves a 5.0 because it's an overall great game, and i’ve been playing for over a year now, It's really addicting, and is super fun, you can buy, outfits, dances, and pickaxes. There’s a thing called the battle pass, and if you buy it you can get cool skins, pickaxes, dances/emotes, toys like basketballs, and pets.

I would recommend this to the people who enjoys playing battle royale games, eliminating online people, building big forts,and the people who likes shooting games. So download yourself Fortnite now. It's available on PC, PS4, Mobile, and Xbox.