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Luxury Space Hotel

By Chris

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On April 5, Texas-based startup Orion Span announced that they were taking reservations for Aurora Station, the first luxury space hotel.  About 43 feet long and 14 feet wide, it will have room for four guests and two crew members. Beginning construction in 2019, it is expected to launch in 2021, and start welcoming guests in 2022. Located 200 miles above Earth, it will orbit the planet every 90 minutes. Guests will be able to see 16 sunsets and sunrises daily, as well as amazing views of the northern and southern auroras that the hotel is named after.

If your thinking about booking this, you should know first that it costs roughly 9.5 million for a 12-day visit, about $790,000 per night. While it may seem like a lot, its less that the 20 to 40 million a select few private citizens have spent to stay on the International Space Station. People from around the world have been rushing the to pay the $80,000 refundable deposit to reserve their spot. It was fully booked for the next four months five days after Orion Span started accepting bookings.

Height in Volleyball: Advantage or Disadvantage?

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Short volleyball players are sometimes considered inferior to taller players. However, they do have their advantages. Short people are generally more agile than tall people, which makes them faster at getting to the ball. But, tall people also have their advantages.

Tall Advantages

For example, a tall person would be better at blocking because they they can just stand there and hold their hands up, while a shorter person would have to jump to block. Taller people have an advantage in attacking, so they’re preferred offensive players because they’re closer to the net and don’t have to try as hard (even though they do try hard, shorter people just have to put in a little more effort).

Tall Disadvantages

When a taller person falls, they are more likely to break a bone because they’re farther to the ground. Also, uncoordinated tall people would have a little trouble with ball control (but that only applies to younger players).

Short Advantages

Shorter volleyball players are typically more agile, thus getting to the ball quicker. You will find shorter people being libero than tall people for that reason. They are more agile and better at digging. I’m not saying a tall person can’t be a libero, but shorter people have more advantages.

Short Disadvantages

Short people have some disadvantages because they are farther from the net so they have more trouble doing things a taller player would be better at. For example, while serving, a taller person serve is usually harder to return.

In conclusion, it doesn’t really matter how tall you are to coaches. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages according to their height, and to be honest, coaches don’t necessarily always recruit players according to their height. They recruit upon skill level. So really, just because you’re tall, doesn’t make you amazing at volleyball.

Sana Starros

C. Otter

A star wars comic released in 2015 states that han solo had a wife. And it wasn't leia.

Her name is sana starros. She is a galactic smuggler, similar to solo. She first appears in a star wars comic called Skywalker Strikes. Sana tracks solo down and finds him with leia in the monsua nebula, claiming to be his wife, but han denies it. Han claims that they pretended to be married to pull off a robbery. To distract the people on the scene of the robbery, they set up a real-looking wedding, so han’s team could sneak in and steal the money. The real reason sana was after han was that he escaped with her share of the money after the robbery went wrong.

Sana starros was born on the smuggler's moon of nar shaddaa. Like i said before, she is a smuggler and scoundrel. Her spaceship is called the invictus, which she claims is faster than the falcon. It looks sleeker than the falcon. The front half is cut off and the ship has a pillow shaped cockpit.

Sana starros is a very interesting character and i believe she is the female lead in solo: a star wars story. The actor for the girl looks similar to starros. Although she may not be the lead roll, she may still appear.