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Paranormal Sighting Report

SCP-049 (The Plague Doctor)

By Butter Boi

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The S-C-P foundation has always amazed many with their disturbing and creepy stories. S-C-P, or secure contain protect, is a foundation that secures and contains entities that still cannot be explained to this day. One of these great stories about an SCP, is SCP 049, commonly called, “The Plague Doctor”, for which I will explain later on. But this creature will possibly give you nightmares. SCP was contained in a date that was unknown, but the incident I am about to share with you does have a date. 049 believes in something called, “The pestilence”, a disease in which he believes only he can cure. He seems to not be hostile, usually. During containment, Dr. Hamm, whom interviews 049 and keeps a journal on him, routinely gives him corpses, such as orangutans. He tests on these corpses, so he can finally cure the world of the pestilence, hence the Plague Doctor. He seems to wear a medieval cape, showing no part of his body at all, and a face mask worn by medieval doctors.

The Incident…

SCP-049 seems relatively docile and humanoid, and speaks both early French and English. Because of this, he is able to be interviewed weekly by Dr. Hamm. Being a Euclid class SCP, which means they are unpredictable and dangerous, but can still be contained. Dr Hamm had just entered the room, and noticed that SCP 049 was seeming very anxious. SCP 049 asked if Dr. Hamm was feeling okay. Dr. Hamm reminded him that the interviews where required. Then SCP became extremely hostile, and killed Dr. Hamm, turning him into SCP 049-2. It was 3 hours before they discovered his body. It was inside his 5 by 5 metal containment cage, at site [DATA EXPUNGED]. Here is an interview after the incident:


Dr. Sherman: I need you to explain yourself.

(No response)

Dr. Sherman: SCP-049, you are being directed to explain your actions, and I will remind you that failure to cooperate will result in further restrictions during your containment.

SCP-049: (Pauses) My actions do not need to be explained.

Dr. Sherman: You killed Raymond Hamm and then butchered him until he-

SCP-049: (Interrupting, angrily) Not dead! No! Not… not dead. He is… he is cured.

Dr. Sherman: Cured? Cured of what?

SCP-049: The Pestilence, sir! I had thought you, at least, would realize what luck it is I detected it before-

Dr. Sherman: (Interrupting) What pestilence? You keep going on and on about this pestilence but you have not once been able to properly identify this "disease". What could you have possibly seen in him today that you had not seen so many times before? That it would be worth his life?

SCP-049: He… (pauses) The Pestilence presents and progresses in unforeseeable fashions, and has a queer way of- of creeping into the unprepared, and… (breathing becomes heavier) call it what you want, doctor. It was a mercy I did to him. He is cured.

Dr. Sherman: He is a vegetable!

SCP-049: (Pauses) I… I would not expect you to understand. You and your… your ilk have proven time and time again to be not men of science, but men of- of emotion. You cannot appreciate the horrors I have seen, those many millions who have succumbed to the Pestilence and been changed, who-

Dr. Sherman: Your cure cost Ray his life!

SCP-049: No good SIR I have saved it! You would allow this world to slip back into the, the- the despair of disease and death, ignoring that I have created a miracle and-

Dr. Sherman: (Talking over SCP-049) What disease? What pestilence? He was a healthy man! He was a good doctor!

SCP-049: -am offering it freely to the afflicted! You are not worth this argument, sir. You are shortsighted and foolish. Dr. Hamm was sick, and I… (breath catches) I cured him. I am the only one who can do this. My work must continue, there is so much still to learn, so much to-

Dr. Sherman: I've had enough of this. Consider your allowances revoked. Welcome to containment, oh-four-nine. (Away from mic) We're done here.

SCP-049: -do, and others can be saved! Even you, though you do not deserve might be saved! I can save them all! I can cast down this plague, once and for all. I can do this! Only me! I… I… (labored breathing) I saved… I saved him… Dr. Hamm, I… I cured him… he was sick, I know he was sick, I know he was, and I… you are all sick, but I… I can save you. I can save all of you, because I… I am the cure.

[END LOG]  (found on

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This SCP is classified as a “Euclid” class in SCP terms, but it can also be classified as a Demon. It is very dangerous, it can and will harm you, but it seems to be humanoid and docile most of the time. But if it is provoked, which doesn't usually happen, it can kill, as seen in the incident above. It only seems to be agitated and hostile when it sees the pestilence in you. The pestilence being a disease that only he can see, and thinks only he can cure. The pestilence is still unknown to humans.

Fake or real?

I really enjoy reading SCP stories, and lately I have been watching hour long videos explaining SCPs, one of my favourites being SCP 096. But as it does state on the website, and it is obviously pretty fake, I can come to the conclusion that this is in fact fake. Unless it isn’t? Theories about area 51, a highly classified military base, have gone around for years now. How do we know, that they aren’t keeping REAL SCPs in there? Although this exact SCP and this exact incident might be fake, there is a chance that paranormal or SCPs are kept in area 51.

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The Tower of London

By Makenabear07

London, England: Residual Haunting/Apparition

The original name for this tower is Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress. This tower, known back until 900 years ago, is the most haunted haunted place in Britain. In 1078 the towers were built. Much suffering went on in between the walls of the the tower including torture, execution, and imprisonment. All of these hauntings are residual and an apparition. The most persistent of all the ghosts is Queen Anne Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn was married to King Henry VIII. She is a residual haunting which is she appears and haunts the same place. The place is the Tower Green. She was arrested and beheaded in that tower so she haunts there. She appears close to where she died but sometimes she's been seen leading procession down the aisle of the chapel. Many people have reported seeing her walking down the aisle with no head.

Perhaps one of the most haunted places inside of The Tower Of London is the bloody tower. It’s a place where two young princes, Edward V and his brother Richard, were normally seen playing but one day they just vanished. After that they were never ever seen again. There are two skeletons who are believed to be them. They are in the staircase at the white tower. No one knows how it happened or what did it or if the skeletons are even them but that’s the only half rational explanation.

The final haunting happens in the White tower. She is called the White Lady. The White Tower is one of the most oldest and foreboding buildings and that is the eerie haunt of the White Lady. She was said to wave outside the window to all the children on the opposing building. The perfume smell carries all the way to the chapel.

I believe that these stories are true. It makes perfect sense to have these sort of hauntings. After all, this tower has been a thing ever since 900 years ago.

American Crocodile

By: Hockey Lord

Animal questionnaire:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: crocodilia

Family: Crocodylidae

Genus: Crocodylus

Species: C. acutus

Street name: Crocodile/American Crocodile

Taxonomy and Phylogeny: Georges Cuvier, a French zoologist, originally described the species as Crocodylus acutus in 1807. The name changed over the years,  it was starting to be called the sharp-snout alligator. In 1822, Constantine Samuel Rafinesque exposed the name, American Crocodile. The species was named the Crocodylus flordains by another zoologist named William T. Hornaday in 1875. Now a Crocodylus Flordains is known as C.acutus or as you know the American Crocodile. That is where the American Crocodile’s name came from.

Characteristics: The American Crocodile has four short little legs with a strong tail that is very long. The American Crocodile also has scales that they have on their backs to the tip of their tails. The American Crocodile’s snout is at the tip of its head. The reason crocodiles have their noses on the tips of their faces is because they can sneak up on their prey in the water while still able to breathe. They can hold their breath for six hours under the water. It is scientifically proven that they can hold their breath underwater for that long.      

Distribution and Habitat: American Crocodiles live in a lot of places. For example, they are mostly found in Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, Honduras, Cuba, Florida, Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Perú, El Salvador, Guatemala and the U.S. Here is a map to show it:


Ecology and Behavior: American Crocodiles are cold blooded. They can survive in 7.2 celsius (45.0 F) water temperature. American Crocodiles have a huge growth span. The record for the largest Crocodile is 22.1 feet. The American Crocodile hunts very well. They hunt from the water with their snouts so they can sneak up on prey and when they get close enough they rip away and get breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is how they get their food.

Reproduction: The American Crocodile lays eggs for their young. It depends on how big they are to lay how many eggs at a time. After they lay their eggs it takes about 75-85 days for them to hatch. When the babies are hatched and fully out of their eggs, the mom protects them until they are about one year old then the mom leaves them and they are on their own. As crocodiles, they learn how to  grow up, for example they have to learn how to hunt, how to protect themselves, and how to swim in the water like crocodiles do. The American Crocodile can live 70 to 100 years. That is like our life span.

Conservation Status/Threats: U.S. scientists say the American Crocodile was once going extinct but it has rebounded. All over the world there are thousands of crocodiles. My animal won’t be going extinct for a very long time.