Book a time

Roosevelt teachers and staff can schedule time in the library using their Google Apps for Education account. For more information on using Google Apps, click here.

To schedule time in one of the three spaces, be sure that you are logged into Google Apps for Education with your email address and select one the links below which will open in a new tab.

Once you've booked an appointment, it will be added to your Google calendar (different from your Outlook calendar) and you should receive an email that will allow you to add it to your Outlook calendar, if that is your preference. To cancel an appointment, delete it from your Google calendar (deleting from your Outlook calendar will not cancel the appointment).

If you need assistance with scheduling or have any questions or special requests (library lessons, standing appointments, A/V setup, etc.) please email Renee Hassan, Roosevelt Library Tech at 

  • 72 seats at 18 tables
  • One cart of 34 student i21 Yoga11 laptops
  • Ceiling mounted projector and speakers
  • Wireless handheld microphone
  • VHS, DVD, and document camera with VGA connection

  • 30 student iMacs
  • 1 instructor iMac
  • projector and document camera
Danshaw Room

To book the Danshaw Room
  • Fill out a Facility Request form
  • Once approved the event will be added to the calendar
  • See availability from the calendar below