These are shared resources created by teachers in San Diego Unified. Some are based on current district adopted curriculum (such as FOSS) or use other available resources as a foundation. These lessons are not perfect, but they offer a glimpse into what NGSS lessons might look like in the classroom.

While reviewing these or other lessons from an NGSS standpoint, ask yourself:

1) Does this lesson provide opportunities for students to use the Science and Engineering Practices?

2) Does this lesson provide opportunities for students to interact with the Disciplinary Core Ideas?

3) Does this lesson provide opportunities for students to build connections with the Crosscutting Concepts?

4) Do all three of the dimensions work together in the lesson to support students in making sense of phenomena and/or designing solutions to problems?

Please feel free to use the lessons and offer feedback or revisions based on your work.

While this website was originally put together by Crystal Howe and Rachael Tarshes, they have moved out of the SDUSD Central Office. As of August 2018, all updates, revisions, and posts on this website are from the new Science Resource Teacher, Regina Kruglyak. If you have any questions or need any assistance with items posted on this site previous to August 2018, please feel free to email Crystal at crystal.howe@sdcoe.net or Rachael at rtarshes@sandi.net

If you have a resource to share, please send it to Regina Kruglyak, TK-12 Science Resource Teacher at rkruglyak@sandi.net