Welcome!  I am excited to work with you this coming year! 

Please contact me through email if you have any questions.  Email is the best and most efficient way to reach me. I try to respond within 48 hours.
Your will be using this website regularly to access classroom resources and lessons.  Most lessons include videos and tutorials.  Final unit projects will be posted in Google Classroom.  Please be sure to click on the correct link to the current class that you are in.

Please remember that these courses are hands-on project based.  While there are graded tutorials you must complete, your grades for the final unit projects will be worth quite a bit more.  In order to effectively complete a unit project, you will need to complete all the tutorials.  These courses rely on your ability to ask questions, work independently, and be an effective participating member of all team projects.  If you do not contribute to team projects, your grade will reflect it. The goal of these courses are to help you gain industry based knowledge, teach you how to communicate effectively, collaborate in teams, build your critical thinking skills, and use your creativity to create fun and interesting projects.  You will be given the opportunity to create projects that reflect your own interests as it meets the project requirements.