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Welcome to my Lewis Middle School Web Page.
Please click on the options to the left to locate the class information for which you are searching.
The web pages will include daily classwork and homework information.  I will also post frequently used documents that can be downloaded and printed from the web page.  You should check this web page at least once a day after school to make sure you are keeping up and staying organized.

May 21 is the last day I will accept late and make up assignments for your S2 final grade.  After this point current work will need to be turned in, in a timely manner.

Remember to check your student's Google Classroom account- this is where I sent directions, activities and projects.  This web page is only used as a daily agenda.

Power School-
means I never saw it to grade it
1 means it was turned in but was given back to be redone- it was incomplete or not done correctly
no grade/blank  means I have not graded it yet

Contact Information:
Ms Jennifer Huerta
(619) 583-3233 ext 4315
Lewis Middle School Room 315
5170 Greenbrier Ave. San Diego, CA 92120

2017-2018 Schedule of Classes
Period 1-        History 8
Period 2-        History 8
Period 3-        History 7
Period 4-        Advisory  8
Period 5-        History 8
Period 6-        Prep
Period 7-        History 7

If you need to do research for class:
Data Base information:  

Destiny:   www.destiny.sandi.net
username:  sandi1    password:    library

Safari Montage:  safari.sandi.net       
use your standard district id and password