Meet Ms. Harris

Hi! My name is Michelle Harris. I am a San Diego native and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else, although I LOVE to travel and see all sorts of places and go on different types of adventures.

I have earned my bachelor's degree, credentials (Professional Clear for K-6 and Reading Specialist) and master's from San Diego State University. My bachelor's degree is in Liberal Studies and my master's is in Reading and Language Arts.

I have had the good fortune of working in San Diego Unified for a number of years, managing to avoid permanent layoffs through the economic down turn. Most of my years have been spent in the primary grades of K and 1st here at Grant School. I truly love teaching kids to read and to see their discovery as they become confident readers.

Random trivia about Mrs. Harris:

Color: Green

Number: 4

Foods: Pepperoni Pizza, Shredded Beef Tacos, Caesar Salad

Dessert: Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter Cookies, Brownies

Animal: Tiger

Sport: Basketball

Flower: Sunflower

Movies: Finding Forrester or Pretty Woman

As a child, my favorite movies were Pete's Dragon or Annie.

Eating Out: BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, Old Town Mexican Cafe, El Cuervo, Tequila Factory, Luna Grill, Subway, The Habit, and Jamba Juice

Shops: REI, Amazon, Target

Things I like to do when I'm not at school:

Jigsaw Puzzles-I like to do puzzles, especially in the winter season and sometimes during the summer too. Nothing over 550 pieces usually. It use to be something I did with grandma and it stuck.

Cycling- I took up cycling in 2016 because it's less impacting on my body. In May of 2016 I participated in a 50 mile bike ride from Rosarito to Ensenda. It was a fun adventure. I continue to ride and challenge myself in speed and distance. I had hoped to ride my first century in April 2020 but that got put on hold. Hopefully some day I will.

Bowling- Pre Covid I use to bowl one night a week with my mama. It's called the Lousy Bowler League. That's a good thing because I'm lousy but I have fun.

Hiking-I love the outdoors. I enjoy a great hike in our local Cuyamaca and Laguna Mountains, although my favorite place to hike is Sierra Nevada Mountains, especially the region around Mammoth.

Geocaching- One of my hobbies is geocaching. My brother introduced me to it a while ago and it was something I did with only him until May of 2009 when I got my own GPS. The simple way to explain it is to say it's like a treasure hunt using a GPS. I've met some great people and have enjoyed getting outside and hiking about town with them. There is also a group with Jeeps so we head out to the desert in the winter for some off road fun, camping, and caching.

Kite Flying- I enjoy flying kites and can be spotted down in Mission Bay in the afternoons. It's fun to fly a two line kite and have it spin in and out and do loops to the ground without crashing. So fun.

Camping- I also love to be away from the city whether I head north up the coast or east toward the desert. There are great hiking trails as well as off road trails. I like to take my truck and get it dirty with an off road trip.

Snuggling with my cat Kuma (He's my "baby." I keep the furry 4 legged kind and don't have any human babies.). He's a siamese with definite bright blue cross eyes. He likes to talk to me, play chase and snuggle with me on the couch and sleep on my head in bed. LOL He is a special needs baby so sometimes I might need to take care of him.

Baking- I LOVE to bake whether for a purpose or just because. It's one way I relieve stress. I think I make a great chocolate truffle and some pretty tasty chocolate chip cookies.

Travel-Now who doesn't like to travel? Most of my traveling has been state side however I have been to Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) and Paris. I've also been to Canada(Banff & Jasper) London, Ireland, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Costa Rica.

Family- I love my family and enjoy spending time with them. My husband and I live in the Clairemont area and enjoy the access to Mission Bay for all of the outdoor things we love to do. My mom lives here in San Diego, while my brother and his family live in Peoria, AZ (I love being the favorite aunty and great aunty). My extended families live in MN or along the east coast, mostly in NY. We enjoy card games, dominoes, outdoor activities(Cornhole, Kanjam, kite flying, kayaking), or just sitting around doing nothing together.

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