Welcome to Art 7 & 8!!

It's going to be another fabulous year in ART CLASS! I am so excited to have you (no matter what your prior experiences or abilities are)!!! EVERYONE benefits in a multitude of ways by being in ART CLASS.

To start the year off, there are a few things you and your parents need to do:

1) Review my Syllabus, Classroom Rules, Artwork Release Form and Wish List (see tab in sidebar)

2) Electronically "sign" that you read, understand and accept the syllabus and classroom rules (also in sidebar)

3) Electronically "sign" or "opt out" of the Artwork Release Form.

Thank you!!!!

Call to Parents: The BEST way to help ART CLASS is to volunteer your time if you have some during our school day. You do not need to be artistic!! If you can refill a glue bottle, you are qualified. I have jobs for those who like to organize, or clean, or take down or put up displays, run errands, load or empty kilns, or just wants to find a way to be involved at their child's school! If you know of a 6th grade parent or parent of a child that does not have my class, but still may want to help, spread the word! Contact me at pgreenhalgh@sandi.net or my foundation parent liaison Livia Nelson (liemau@sbcglobal.net) if you want to help.


  1. Prep
  2. Art 7 & 8
  3. Art 7 & 8
  4. Art 7 & 8
  5. Art 7 & 8 (rotating at semester with Mr. Hartje's GTT class)


* It is important that art students have an old-fashioned #2 pencil and good eraser on hand daily for Art Class. Each student will be given both items the first week and should see me before class if they need a replacement. Best scenario - students have a stock-pile available at all times!

* Students may earn up to 20 points extra credit per grading period. These are FREE POINTS!!! See my syllabus on how to earn free extra points!