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Next Generation  Science Standards
Note from the teacher:  In this 21st-century learning environment, my goal is for my class to become paperless.  While there are still a few things that make more sense to do on paper, the majority of my class will be done on-line, including a digital notebook, on-line tests, and collaborative group discussions done on Google Docs or Google Slides.  Google Classroom will be the main way I disseminate information and assignments to students, so parents should know their child's username and password to be able to check out the expectations for each of the assignments. You should also be checking PowerSchool regularly to see how your child is doing on assignments.  I will rarely have students using a textbook, and we will focus on using and evaluating on-line sources of information.  While this may be outside of your comfort zone, have your child show you how to access the information so you can check to make sure they are keeping up with assignments and meeting the expectations.