Application Forms

Application Fee (for NEW applicants only, does not apply to reaccreditation)

As of January 1, 2015, GFAS requires an application fee for NEW applicants only, based on a sliding scale of your total annual expenses for the last applicable fiscal year.  This application fee applies to any organization applying for accreditation or verification.  Any sanctuaries that have already applied and are in the existing application pipeline will be grandfathered and not be charged the application fee. All amounts below are US dollars.

Fee structure:

Sanctuary Annual Expenses**

Non returnable application fee

Up to $ 100k

$ 50

$ 100k – 500k

$ 100

$ 500k – 2M

$ 175

Over $ 2M

$ 250

**For US groups, use expenses reported on last 990

Please submit payment via paypal:

Applications will not be considered until fee is paid in full. Contact us with any questions at:

The form below (A - General Organization Information), is the first form we ask that you complete in the Accreditation/Verification process.  Once you have completed this form, you can complete Form B, which is a census of the current animals in your organization.  You can download Form B - Census of Sanctuary/Rescue Animals from one of the links below.  Once you have completed Form B, please email that to  After this initial information has been reviewed, you will be contacted by GFAS regarding the next step in the process.

Please note, your information will not be saved in the form below for you to come back to at a later time.  You will need to complete the form once you have started it.  It is a short application and should only take about 15 minutes to complete.  To see a full list of questions, click this link:  Form A List of Questions


Click the link below to download Form B - Census of Sanctuary/Rescue Animals.  This form is an Excel document.  If you don't have Excel, please email Robin Mason at to discuss other ways to submit this information.


Step One - Part A - General Information