Steps to follow

These are the steps you need to follow to complete ALL your work

6A     6B     6C

  • Continue with the Webquest on Persuasive essay. Once you finish your Google Presentation, continue writing your Google doc with the information you have extracted. Before saying "finished" check all the steps in the Webquest to see if you have followed all the steps, please.  THIS WAS FINISHED
  • Rubric for Persuasive Essay: Go to your Google home page. Upload. Files. Students- 6A/ 6B/ 6C Projects- Language- Persuasion- Rubric- 
  • Complete it as a group. Rename it as Rubric 6A/B/C and your names. Then write "Rubric" at the end of your persuasive essay and link it (as you have always done with other rubrics). Rememeber to change it to "Anyone with the link" and place the persuasive essay, persuasive google presentation and rubric in your Language Collection. 
  • In your Portfolio/ SIte click on Persuasive Essay on the sidebar. Edit- Insert- Presentations and you click on your persuasive essay presentation. Under it, you LINK your Google doc with the name of your persuasive essay.

  • Go to your Google Home page. Language Collection. Open your My Hero Essay.
  • Read my feedback written in the header and comments inserted at the side of the document.
  • Go to file- Make a copy- Re name it "Clean copy My Hero (Your Name)"
  • Change to "Anyone with the link". Put it in the Language collection.
  • Make your corrections and your improvements.
  • Useful online dictionaries to look for synonyms: Rhyme Zone, to check spelling and words in English instead of Google Translator. Word Reference
  • This is the correction code, in case you don't remember.
  • In your Portfolio/ SIte click on My Hero on the sidebar. Edit- Under "My Hero" write "My Hero Clean Copy and  you LINK it to your Google doc 

D. Reflection on my Portfolio: 
    You created a page in your site called Reflection on My Portfolio:
Click on that page and write a short paragraph answering these questions. 
Make FULL sentences remember that your reader will not know what the questions are.
  • What does your portfolio reveal about you as a learner?
  • What does your portfolio suggest about your strengths?
  • What does your portfolio suggest about how you have improved?
  • What do you think others will learn from your portfolio? 
  • Which other piece of work would you select (could be Spanish pieces of work)? Why did you select it?
E. Reflections on Internet safety
  • Go to your site. Click on the sidebar on Reflections on Internet safety. Edit. Now click here6A ,  6B   6C- Look for your name. (they are in alphabetical order) Copy one question and under it the answer and then the same with the other queston and answer and paste them on the Internet Safety Practices Reflection in your site.SAVE.