Blogging Guidelines

Rules for Blogging


  1. Write postitively about appropriate things.
  2. Light debating and discussion is fine.
  3. Write respectively: avoid rudeness, insulting comments, personal attacks or purposeless comments.
  4. Write about topics — not people.
  5. Use correct English, spelling, punctuation and grammar and be aware that everything you post is a reflection of you. You are an ambassador for St Andrew's School.
  6. Do not post personal information.
  7. Stick to the topic of the post you are writing about.
  8. When you comment on a blog, comment about the subject and not about the owner of the blog or other people.
  9. Be respectful in commenting and/or posting.
  10. No posting meaningless threads such as one word or short non-sense comments.
  11. Use your first name and surname's initial to identify yourself.

  12. Never give anyone your address, email address or phone number. You can keep in touch through the blog.
  13. Do not post photos of others without their permission
  14. Always ask for permission to use any files that were created and owned by others, including photos, audio and video clips, etc. or state the sources.
  15. Save abbreviations and shortcuts for MSN and texting.

Some of the above  “Rules of Netiquette” were adapted from Grade 3 BlogPals.