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The Creature in the Classroom by Jack Prelutsky

It appeared inside our classroom

 at a quarter after ten,

it gobbled up the blackboard, three erasers and a pen.

  It gobbled teacher's apple

 and it bopped her with the core.

 "How dare you!", she responded.

 "You must leave us... there's the door."



The Creature didn't listen

 but described an arabesque

 as it gobbled all her pencils,

 seven notebooks and her desk.

 Teacher stated very calmly,

"Sir! You simply cannot stay,

 I'll report you to the principal

 unless you go away!"


 But the thing continued eating,

 it ate paper, swallowed ink.

 as it gobbled up our homework

  I believe I saw it wink.

 Teacher finally lost her temper.

 "OUT!" she shouted at the creature.

 The creature hopped beside her

 and GLOPP... it gobbled teacher.