Importing 3D objects


In Catalyst you can wrap images round 3D objects and then make them rotate in three axis by changing the z, x, y, parameters in the layers window.


There are a few 3D objects in the visual fx menu that you can use.

Visual fx 30 – 32 are different types of cubes.



There are a few more inbuilt 3D models in visual effects numbers 160 model 1 to 169 model 20.


You can also place your own 3D model in the Catalyst library files.

The 3D file should be in .obj format.


To place your own model in the Catalyst library of visual effects first open the folder where your Catalyst application is stored.

In the same folder create a new Folder and name it ‘Models’.


Figure 182 - Setting up a models folder for 3D objects.


Now open the models folder you have just created and drag your .obj files into it. Name your files in the same way as you would name any custom content placed into Catalyst with the first file prefixed with 000, the second with 001, the third with 002 and so on. See the section of this manual titled Placing movies and images into the library in Chapter 2 - Using Catalyst for more details.



To wrap an image on to your 3D object go to the layers window in full screen mode, choose your content and then click on the visual effects parameters near the top of the window. A visual effects parameter value of 160 will make use of the object file you imported and prefixed with 000. A visual effects parameter value of 179 will make use of the object file you placed in the library and prefixed with 019.


Figure 183 - Choosing to wrap the image in a layer round a 3D object by choosing Model in the visual effects panel of the Layers window.




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