Cue lists


Cue lists in Catalyst can be used in the following ways.


  1. You can make a cue list from presets and add timings for each preset. In this way they will play in a time sequence referenced from a clock source. The clock source can be MIDI timecode, time of day or the computers internal clock.


  1. You can make a cue list with clusters of preset states interspersed with wait cues so that they can be controlled from the space bar.


  1. You can create a cue list in Catalyst that is triggered from a lighting console or from amidi show control device.


Placing a preset into the cue list


In Set up mode select cue lists from the Windows menu.



Figure 86 - Cue List window.


To place a preset into the cue list go to the library window from the Windows menu in the main application menu and click on the presets tab.


Figure 87 - Choosing the preset to be dragged into the cue list.


A preset can be placed into the cue list by clicking on the grey arrow button next to the preset number and dragging this into your open cue list window.


As you drag the presets arrow over the cue list a blue line will show under your curser to indicate where the preset will be placed.


Figure 88 - Cue list as a preset is dragged into place, seen as a blue line.


Figure 89 - Cue list after the preset is dropped into place.


You can swap the presets in the cue list window by going to the command column, clicking on the name of the current preset to open up a list of all available presets and then choosing a different one.


Figure 90 - Changing the preset from within the cue list.




Playing the cues


To select a time for the cue to start click on time and input the time required.



Playback can also be controlled using the play, stop, and reset buttons at the top left of the window.











By clicking on the double line symbol underneath the word ‘Wait’, the playback will be paused.



If you click on the area next to select a red dot comes up. This indicates that this cue will be played next. Wherever you place this red dot, that cue will be the next to be played.




To move quickly to a particular cue click on the Goto button and choose a cue from the menu.



Once you have chosen the cue the red dot will jump down to that cue indicating that it will be played next.




Cue list preferences


To edit cue list preferences, click on the options button in the cue list window.



This will open the edit cue list preferences window.


The clock source can be chosen in this window.


Figure 91 - Choosing the clock source from the edit cue list preferences window.


See the next chapter Different ways to use the cue list for more details.


Labelling and ordering the cues


To number or label the cue in the cue list window, click inside the show cue box, label it and press return.



To reorder the cue list, place the cursor over the cue you want to move, hold down the option key on the keyboard and click on the cue. This can now be dragged to the new position.


To delete a cue from the list, select the cue by clicking under the select column. A blue box will appear in that column. Then press delete.



Saving and loading a show


To save your cue list go to the main application menu, click on show control and select save show.



To load a show that you have previously saved, go to the same menu and select load show.



The same menu also allows the user to delete the cue list.



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