Catalyst basics

  • Catalyst is Macintosh software that allows the video or lighting designer to transform and store moving and still images and then cue and play them out to multiple video systems with the option of altering the image effects in real time.

    Catalyst can be controlled either from a lighting console using DMX or used standalone with only the computer. Catalyst also supports MIDI Notes and Midi Show Control and can be controlled from a show control system or from suitable MIDI Notes devices such as Midi keyboard or Mackie Control Universal.

    Catalyst parameters can be altered in real time so that you don’t have to re-render your content at the last minute. Content can be transformed in real time using a range of parameters such as shape, position, colour, intensity, and speed or by using effects such as montage, masking, strobing and 3D geometry.

    Catalyst can be used to control multiple different video images and send them as separate, independently controlled video signals to LED walls, digital lights or digital media projectors.