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Title 1

Parents Right to Know

All Title I School-wide schools are required to inform the parents on the professional qualifications of the student's teachers.  Salome High School is a Title I School-wide school.

  • Eleven full-time teachers meet Arizona licensure requirements.
  • The high school has three paraprofessionals.  Two are highly qualified through coursework and testing.  One is working towad becoming highly qualified and will meet the highly qualified status by end of the second semester.  Their work assignments are listed below.
  • The Teacher's baccalaureate degrees are below:
Teacher Name Bachelors Degree From
MattScharboneauUniversity of Michigan, Dearborn
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 
Lowette Dihel Northern Arizona University
Sandy Downes San Diego State University
MichaelDrotzmann Peru State College 
JudyHaken Morningside College 
Andrew Kauffman Manchester University, Indiana
Tera Morriss University of Arizona
Chris Schuldt Northern Michigan University
Jaime Schuldt Northern Michigan University
Julie Slucas Loyola University, Chicago

Paraprofessionals Areas where students receive services
Mary Cambell English Classroom
Dawn Meyers Special Education
Steffany PalmaLibrary

If you need additional information concerning the professional qualifications, please contact Byron Maynes at either 928-859-3453 or
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