North Salem HS World Languages

In the 21st Century, success will come to those with the greatest understanding of their world.  North High's World Language Department offers three languages to give young Vikings the edge.

French, Japanese, and Spanish teach non-native speakers to communicate by speaking, writing, and reading in the target languages.  Students will be exposed to cultures which represent a large part of the world.  

Our Heritage Spanish courses give native speakers of Spanish the opportunity to become formally literate in Spanish while earning language credit.  

World Language classes prepare Vikings for careers in every field and for entrance to universities across the nation.  Student clubs offer additional activities and experiences in the student's chosen language.  Advanced Placement tests in French and Spanish can earn college credit.

Our sister school in Japan, exchange programs, and tours of foreign countries guided by our language staff allow North High students to put what they've learned into place.

At least two years of a World Language are required for 4-year universities, but three years is recommended.  World Language is not required for high school graduation.

World Languages at North Salem High School