MATH TUTORING in room 11 with Ms. Church: 
**May change weekly
Week of December 4th - December 8th:
    Tuesday after school: 2:30pm-3:15pm
    Thursday after school: 2:30pm-3:15pm
    *meeting on Monday after school
Week of December 11th - December 15th:
    Thursday after school: 2:30pm-3:15pm
    Friday after school: 2:30pm-3:15pm
    *meeting on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school
        Monday meeting canceled during lunch, I am available after school on Monday!

After School Tutoring in room 107 with Ms. Jessica
    Algebra 1   *Monday-Friday after school:  2:30pm-3:15pm

After School Tutoring in room 114 with Mrs. Lilly-Davison
    *If you need a quiet place to work on homework, study for an exam, etc.
    Wednesday after school: 2:30pm-4:00pm
    Thursday after school: 2:30pm-4:00pm

Current 2017-2018 Schedule:
Period 1    Honors Algebra 2
Period 2    Algebra 1
Period 3    Prep
Period 4    Algebra 1
Period 5    Algebra 1
Period 6    Prep
Period 7    Financial Algebra
Period 8    Algebra 1

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