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Test Corrections

In the event that a make up test opportunity is given, the student shall have one week from the date the test is given back to complete the work. Test corrections will be given half of the remaining credit, and must be completed in accordance with the given guidelines. Remaining credit means that if the student scores 5 out of 10 points possible they may receive 7.5 points after test corrections. No corrections are allowed on a problem that was not attempted the first time.


On a new sheet of paper each problem that is being corrected needs to have;

·           WHAT - The original problem number.

·           WHY - A written explanation of why the student missed the problem the first time. This typically will take a paragraph or more. A response of “I missed this problem because I didn't know how to do it”, or "I got it wrong because I wrote a 3 and it should have been a 4" is unacceptable. Be as specific as possible, including what you were thinking as well as any mathematical errors you made.

·           HOW - A written explanation of how to correctly work the problem. If you are unsure of what to write here, follow the sentence frame below;

This problem is asking me to ______________. When doing______________, it is always important to____________________. In the future I can remember to _______________ because I know _____________.

·           SHOW - a correctly worked out example. This needs to include every step.


Failure to complete any of these tasks will result in zero credit recovery. An example is shown below:


WHAT - #2.)  3+4*5-2=33

WHY - I missed this question because I added 3+4 before I multiplied by 5.
HOW - When solving a mathematical expression you have to follow the rules of PEMDAS. PEMDAS states that you always have to multiply before you add or subtract. I should have multiplied 4*5 first and then added it to 3.
SHOW - It should have looked like this;

3+4*5-2 First I multiply (4*5=20). The problem now is 3+20-2, I can add them up from left to right 3+20=23, 23-2=21. The final answer should have been 21.