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Tech 6

Computer work will be stored on district computers and in the cloud on Google Drive.  Students will be shown how to use these two methods, however I encourage all my tech classes to always bring and use a personal USB drive (2G is plenty). We always store files in student home directories on the SK network, but things happen and it is always good to have a backup.  It also makes taking work home easier, even though plenty of class time will be given to complete each assignment.

The 6th grade technology class will mostly be introductory and will focus on good computer habits.  The year will begin with a solid understanding of computer terms and how to use a computer. Weather you start with a lot of computer experience or none, you are bound to pick up something new in this section.

Several tests will be given throughout the year, these tests will be basic knowledge 

We will be practicing our keyboarding skills throughout the year.  It is my goal to have all students typing proficiently at 30 WMP by the end of 6th grade. We will move through several phases of grading. As we begin, students will be graded only on technique. Moving forward students will start to be graded on accuracy. And ending the year students will have a speed component to their tech grade. You can read more about this is the class syllabus.

In addition to typing practice, students will also get to participate in a number of activities including;

Digital Art
Digital publishing

All students should have a signed Computer Use Agreement on file.