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Geometry is held in a mixed level classroom, Typically Geometry will have instruction every other day. Students will be given two days worth of homework, which they are then expected to work on, during the off days. I will try to keep the calendar up to date, but it may get shifted from time to time as other activities and school outings require, so make sure to check back often. We are working through Geometry connections which is part of the College Preparatory Mathematics curriculum series. You can use their online activities as well.

This class is taught at a High School level and forms are available to receive High School credit from Salem-Keizer for taking this class.

Tests will be held at the end of each chapter following both a teacher lead and partner review activity. The partner review activity will be counted as a Quiz grade. Check back near test days as review materials will be available online. 

Test correction opportunities may be given and are due one week from the date the test is returned. You can read more about grading policies in the syllabus for this class

Topics covered this year include (click links for homework help):

Chapter 1 Shapes and Transformations
Chapter 2 Angles and Measurement
Chapter 3 Justification and Similarity
Chapter 4 Trigonometry and Probability
Chapter 5 Completing the triangle toolkit
Chapter 6 Congruent triangles
Chapter 9 Solids and Constructions
Chapter 10 Circles and Expected Value

Subpages (2): G8 Calendar G8 Syllabus