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Fees and Donations

At JGEMS we request all families pay an expedition fee that helps cover the added expenses related to the large number of field work experiences that your child will participate in during the year.  These are experiences that cannot be covered financially with school funds, because there just is not enough.  We feel strongly however that these experiences are part of what makes JGEMS an exemplary school; and one which keeps kids engaged in the classroom as well as creating well rounded adults. There are scholarships available for parents that find this fee creates an undue hardship for them.  There are two simple ways to pay your expedition fees.  You can pay them all at once, or if you prefer split them up over the course of the school year. Please let Shauna know if you need a  scholarship.
Pay all at once

choose this button only if you are wishing to pay the entire expedition fee at one time.
Pay in monthly installments

Choose this button only if you wish to be billed in 8 equal monthly payments