The Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School will provide an engaging and meaningful focus for students to achieve Oregon academic standards. Through partnerships with community and governmental organizations, an integrated curriculum design and an emphasis on field-based projects, students will actively apply their knowledge and skills as they improve our local and global environments. Visit our FAQ if you have more questions.

Why Should You Join JGEMS?

With its focus on field-based science, JGEMS is an ideal program for students who like being outdoors. Students must be willing to get their hands dirty, work beyond regular school hours during certain field projects, and be willing to work hard to improve our environment both locally and globally. With only 99 students in the school, students must be able to work well with others, both in the classroom and in the field. They must also be willing to go on extended overnight field trips to camp at the study sites. Visit our FAQ if you have more questions.

Enrollment in JGEMS

Enrollment in JGEMS is open to all students residing within the boundaries of the Salem-Keizer School District. An informational open house will be held, and at that time, applications will be handed out and accepted. If more than 33 students apply for the sixth grade, a lottery drawing will be held, and students not chosen in the first drawing will be put on a waiting list. Students currently in JGEMS automatically advance to the next grade within JGEMS. For more information, contact Shauna De Vos at 503-399-7070. Visit our FAQ if you have more questions.


JGEMS is located at 999B Locust St. NE, Salem, OR 97301 on the Oregon School for the Deaf campus. Our building is considered building #13 and our classrooms are in the Orange Pod. We are located inside the Maple Street entrance at the northwest end of the OSD campus. Our phone number is 503-399-7070.
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Donation Options

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