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Lottery Information for Next Year's 6th Grade Class:

Postcards will be mailed home in mid February to all 5th graders in the Salem-Keizer District with information regarding JGEMS and our lottery.

Tuesday, March 1st @ 5:00 pm: We will conduct a Zoom Live Webinar Family Information Event. The link for this event will be posted on our website 15 minutes prior to the event. We will record and post the Webinar on our website for those not able to attend at that time.

The application will be linked digitally on our website following the information event. After listening, if you feel like JGEMS is a good fit for your child, the applications will be due by midnight on Friday, March 11th.

Wednesday, March 16th @ 4:00: Lottery Draw. Due to Covid, we will not be hosting it in person, but results will be posted on our website that same evening.