Salem-Keizer Google Apps for Education

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Google Apps for Education is a free, web-based suite of collaborative tools and resources including. Salem-Keizer is using Google Apps for Education based on an agreement between the State of Oregon and Google. Through this agreement key provisions help protect data stored within this environment. (Click here to see that list of provisions.)
What did my student's school do to set up Google Apps for Education?
  • Received training and technical support to design quality lessons and learning opportunities for your student
  • Gave you the opportunity to offer your support when you registered your student.
What is Google Apps for Education?
Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a group of tools that enable your student to have free access to word processing, presentation, and time management tools. This is similar to a public Google account but with more restrictions. If allowable, these tools can be available to them outside of the school. No data is collected by Google.