Mission Statement

The mission of the Auburn Elementary Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program which promotes academic achievement, career development, personal/social growth, and community involvement of all students. School counselors are student advocates who provide support to maximize their students' personal growth, potential, and academic achievements. Partnering with other educators and family members, school counselors facilitate the support system to ensure all students are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to be successful and productive citizens in a global society

Philosophy of the Auburn School Counseling Department

The professional school counselors at Auburn Elementary School believe that:

  • All students have unique potential and the ability to achieve
  • All students have dignity and worth
  • All student’s differences and special needs should be acknowledged and accepted
  • All students need a variety of experiences to develop intellectually, personally, socially and physically
  • All students should have a strong foundation of emotional regulation skills to deal with issues and problems they will face in the future
  • All students have access to a licensed professional school counselor
  • Communication between parents and staff is necessary for a child’s growth


And that the Auburn Elementary comprehensive school counseling program will:

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop the "ASTRO" character traits (aware of others, safe, trustworthy, responsible, and on task)
  • Provide a safe, organized, and physically comfortable environment that promotes student learning
  • Be preventative and proactive in addressing student’s academic, social and developmental needs
  • Hold high expectations to increase individual student performance and self-concept
  • Be comprehensive and data driven
  • Be guided by the Oregon Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Framework, the ASCA National Model and the beliefs and mission of the Salem-Keizer School District
  • Be evaluated by the counseling advisory committee, staff needs survey and school administration based on specified goals, action plans and competencies


And that the school counselors at Auburn Elementary School will:

  • Hold high expectations to increase individual student performances
  • Proactively advocate for all students
  • Abide by professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association
  • Participate in professional development activities essential to maintain a quality school counseling program